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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 28| July 11, 2010|


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A Different Note

For a Friend

Yamin Tauseef Jahangir

I looked at the frame. It was well placed on the shelf. Looking at the picture anyone would ask who the two people beside me were. A picture portraying childlike innocence, the gleaming eyes signifying the juvenile spirit and the friendship was well defined. I looked at the person who was on my right in the photograph, a person whom I admire the most. She is a person who was there when I needed a friend, a person who has inspired me to bring out the best within me, a person who cared for me, scolded me when I was wrong, guided me for my betterment and had the patience to listen to my whining and nonsense for hours.

I do remember the first time I met her. She had an enigmatic aura and a desire to conquer the world. She asked me the first time "Hey, what would you do if you were allowed to do whatever and get away with it for a day?" I was a bit baffled but then I said it would rather be boosting a car and drive it to my heart's content. She returned a mischievous smile and I knew we did connect. Time flew by and our friendship grew. We were as sarcastic as we wanted to be, drifted away in a fantasy world and created our own stories to which we would laugh till we gasped for some air. She was different and most of the time had a logical explanation if she had to make a comment. Her opinions were thoughtful and it was I who used to come up with weird solutions, while she only raised her eyebrows and shrugged. Being around this person meant having the most random moments ever. She carried a notebook where she used to jot down the 'things to do' and even when I read them I could never figure out the handwriting, as it was way too cursive.

I know now that our friendship never had any accountability, never had anything to do with pride, neither was it surrounded by hypocrisy. But it had affection, respect for each other and a trust that was beyond any borders. She was strong; even in her cavern of sorrows she smiled. She smiled for the world, for her friends, for her loved ones. She gave me hope when I lost faith, stood by me through thick and thin and helped me with her advice. She was stubborn, which made her hold on to things till the last moment. Sometimes it paid off well, but at times it took a toll on her, but she fought with all her might. I know her very well now in a short span of time. I know that she is an amazing person to be with. I learnt never to give up, because she taught me how not to.

When we reach our adulthood, we explore and we go in different directions, to create our new world, to fulfill our goals in life. She did the same. She had her own dreams to accomplish and so she left. I knew a day will come and we will say, "I'll see you again", I knew I'll see her dragging her backpack and heading for the immigration zone. It was obvious, but why did I feel numb when it happened? Nothing made sense for a while, but then I knew why I had an empty stare. All the memories came as a flashbulb and then suddenly faded to gray. The person who was so close to me was leaving.

Her friendship is something I cherish. She is a precious pearl and I will treasure our friendship forever. The frame may get rusty, the picture may wear off, but I know, we can always start from where we left off. That is what true friendship is all about, and that is how it should be. I do not know whether you'll read this article or not my friend, but I just thought of telling you that I'll never have another friend like you in my life, because you can never be replaced. Wherever you go and no matter how high you rise, I'll pray for your well-being. I know you have all the potentials to be a great individual, an awesome personality and I wish all your dreams come true. Goodbye to you my friend, goodbye Fariha.

Photo: Gaetan Charbonneau/gettyimages

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