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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 28| July 11, 2010|


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“The industry is always looking
for qualified students…”

-Dr. Ganesh Nataranjan

Interviewed by Yamin Tauseef Jahangir

ON 28 June, 2010 the leaders in employment skill assessment and corporate training solutions, Global Talent Track (GTT) in association with ICE Technologies held a seminar at the Eastern University on “Employment indexing: Leading to better jobs”. The objective of the seminar was to address the current gap in the demand and supply of trained resources. Star Campus had the opportunity to have a conversation with the chief guest of the seminar, Dr. Ganesh Nataranjan, Chairman, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), and the charismatic person explained his reasons for the visit to Bangladesh.

Star Campus (SC): “What scope do you think that the students will have through this seminar that has been organised?”

Dr. Ganesh Nataranjan (GN): “My objective is to tell the students what is the current scenario of the job market and how important outsourcing is for them. The seminar is well designed to provide facts and figures and also to explain how to make a person eligible for the job market in the competitive world.”

SC: “Why did you choose Eastern University?”

GN: “Well it is for GTT, ICE Technologies and Seminar Club, Eastern University E & T Faculty I came to Bangladesh and Eastern University is an excellent institution for which I was keen to share my thoughts with the students. I am also eager to approach other private and public universities, namely the University of Dhaka, so that I can reach out more to the students and know their opinions on outsourcing as well.”

SC: “If you are talking about bridging the gap between the job demand and developing skills, what sort of training are you talking about?”

GN: “The industry is always looking for qualified students, but there are many who have certain lacking and that affects their ability to shine. I believe that the situation in Bangladesh is almost similar to that of India, where assessment is being done on skills, communication, outsourcing capabilities etc. But now if you see, India has taken these matters into consideration and is working in unity to groom the students and lead them towards a better future. Bangladesh needs to go through the same process and there are great talents in this country who have the potentials to make a difference through their innovative approaches. GTT is mainly for training and skill development while ICE will provide the resources.”

SC: “Since you are talking about a necessity for innovative thoughts, how do you think you will approach the students to encourage them into such skill development programme?”

GN: “Well, it is high time for a digital Bangladesh, and I would like to let the students know about outsourcing in large enterprises. Collaboration with the educational institutions will open up new horizons for development and identifying the talents. The students will have a broader and comprehensive idea about the global market thereby taking the necessary steps to meet the challenges in future.”

SC: “Thank you sir for your kind thoughts and also for your

GN: “Thank you.”

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