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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 28| July 11, 2010|


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A Unique Initiative!

Shamrin Afia Adiba

KARATIA in Tangail is one of the educational hubs of the country. There is a 110-year-old school and a 84 yr old University College. Government Saadat College is a public college in Bangladesh. It is also known as Karatia College. It was established in July 1926 and is one of the first five university colleges of the country.

To regain the educational eminence of this area, an English medium school named Zia Hasan International School set off its journey with 70 students and a team of eight brilliant teachers in January 2010, with a vow of 'Building Smart Generation'. It is perhaps the first initiative to set up an English medium school at Union level out of 4486 Union.

The school has English as the medium of instruction under National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) but emphasizes equal proficiency in Bengali as a necessary pre-requisite for a well-rounded education. ZHIS is one of the first of its kind, established in rural areas providing pre-school education to students at a very young age, nurturing their creativity and encouraging students to develop positive attitudes to learning with interest, curiosity, responsibility and independence. ZHIS is encouraging academic success through a non-traditional, innovative curriculum from Playgroup to SSC.

Khandakar Zia Hasan, the Principal, was inspired to establish this school at his native place in Karatia, Tangail to see an increase in the quality of education and to enhance the students with better communication skills along with health, safety and technology knowledge. Traditionally, the picture of village students is to carry school bags weighing more than their bodies that may leave them with back, neck and shoulders in pain, leading to headaches or even arthritis. He said it is our task to maximize the potential of every student and instill a passion for learning. ZHIS prides itself on encouraging responsible, independent thinking, recognizing diversity, and respecting the individual needs of each and every student. Promote a strongly rooted knowledge of, and involvement with, national heritage, culture and language.

Designed by the education system of learning through fun and activity, identifying words through colorful crafts and projects, the students are bred by this newest methodology and enthusiastically involve themselves in the learning process, which easily helps them to take in the task. The role of the teacher here is that of a mentor and a friend, who wears many different hats by not only coordinating hands on activities, but to also through introducing and teaching subjects like math, language, science, art, and many more.

Keeping in mind the constant need of children for recreational activities, ZHIS does not ignore any student's need for an expressive and creative mind, and this is where the extracurricular activities come in place: music, video, outdoor games, cultural programme, inter school competitions and so on.

The Vice Principal, Shimmi Khan is very much involved with the school and she works with passion from dawn to dusk. She mentioned that the education and the school are very much concerned about the health care of the students. On 27 March, Miami University of USA and Nova Southeastern University, USA opened the school health clinic. Dr Salahuddin Ahmed, Aassociate Professor of these universities came and spent a day with the children and parents. Prof Chy Md Haider Ali, former director Bangladesh Shishu Hospital was also there to check up the children's health. This health care programme will take place every six months which will definitely help the society.

Residential in ZHIS: One of the main focuses of ZHIS is state- of- the-art residential facilities that will start from January 2011, which will pave the way for students from other districts to study here. It includes study-bedrooms, a dining room, houses may also have common rooms for television and relaxation and kitchens for snacks, and occasional storage facilities for bicycles or other sports equipment. Housemasters, House mistresses, dorm parents, or residential advisors will be available for intensive care of the students and plenty of scope for outdoor activities and strict adherence to discipline.

ZHIS follows international standards and istrives to provide the best possible education.

Academic Success!

Mr. Shouro Dasgupta, a Bangladeshi student has completed his undergraduate education both in Economics and Mathematics from Oklahoma City University, USA. He has obtained a GCPA of 4.0 with A grades in all of his 135 credit courses. Shouro will start his PhD in Economics at the University of New Hampshire, where he has been offered a full assistanceship. During his undergraduate courses his research paper titled 'Structual Adjustment Programs and Primary Education in Developing Countries' got published in Journal of Developing Areas. Shouro Dasgupta's another work 'Global Financial Crisis Discussion Series: Bangladesh Phase 2' along with Mustafizur Rahman, Md. Ahshiq Iqbal and Towfiqul Islam Khan was published by ODI. Shouro Dasgupta is the eldest son of journalist Ajoy Dasgupta and GTZ staff Krishna Chanda.


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