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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 28| July 11, 2010|


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Long Live University of Dhaka!!
DU Day Celebrated

Naibur Rahman

1st July. There could be so many reasons for you to celebrate this day. But if you are a student or a former student of University of Dhaka, you certainly don't need to think further. Yes, 1st July of 1921 was the day when the place of excellence and intellect was established. To celebrate the legacy, which still continues, all the present students, former students, teachers and well-wishers joined in the parade of celebration to wish University of Dhaka on its birthday.

Keeping to the tradition, the day of celebration started with a festive look. The theme of the day was “Higher Education to Build Digital Bangladesh”. To celebrate the birthday of DU, hundreds of students and teachers gathered in front of the Administrative Building to cut a cake. It was a great event where teachers and students united to share the glory of 89 years. A long, colourful procession led by Prof AAMS Arefin Siddique, Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University, paraded through the campus. The procession ended at Teacher-student Centre (TSC) where a motivating and inspiring discussion program was waiting for everyone.

The very popular TSC auditorium was filled to the brim where dignitaries talked on the legacy of University of Dhaka. All the syndicate members, Deans of different faculties, teachers from various departments and institutions, hall provosts and former VCs of the Dhaka University were seen under the same roof while Prof AAMS Arefin Siddique graced the occasion as the chief guest. Prof Ahmed Shafi presented the keynote paper based on the thematic title of this year's celebration. The paper's cognitive approach dispelled all the doubts regarding building a digital Bangladesh. Speaking at the discussion, Prof Arefin Siddique said, “The tree of knowledge is one and unique. Its versatility can be compared as the branch of trees. The fruit must be delivered to Mankind.” The event became more resourceful with speeches from Prof Harunur Rashid, the Pro-VC of University of Dhaka and Prof Khandakar Bazlul Haque, President of the DU Teacher's Association among others.

While the success history is enormous, the celebration naturally had to match. After the lunch break, teachers and students came against each other in a debate programme. The enthusiasm from the audience was great to watch.

As the day is called “Open Day”, many former students were seen to reminisce their carefree days. Alauddin Ahmed, one of the former students, came along with his son to share the golden moments. “I feel very nostalgic right now. When I take a bird's eye view of my life, the most green parts are the times spent in DU. You cannot experience the feeling unless you are a part of it.”

When the fever of World Cup is so high, we just cannot think of a day without enjoying a match. Messi playing against Kaka or Robinho is something everyone longs to see. But trust me, it is also good to watch a game with the teachers of DU wearing Brazil and Argentina's jerseys. It might seem to be a gender biased celebration if I do not mention the friendly Volleyball match between the girls' halls, which was as much a fanfare as other programmes.

The Institute of Fine Arts, the mastermind of all celebrations, transformed the whole place with an artistic look and organised an art exhibition. The passion for arts showed by the students and teachers alike made the event unique and beautiful.

It is obvious that an event cannot be complete without a music fiesta. The cultural function featuring students from the Department of Music made the event truly enjoyable. The audience was enthralled by the quality music. The captivating power of Nazrul and Rabindra Sangeet was undeniable.

Endowed with the title The Oxford of the East, University of Dhaka started its royal journey with 3 faculties, 12 departments, 877 students among which only 2 were women, and 60 teachers on the 1st of July, 1921. Today the fraternity has emerged as a beacon of hope for our nation, with 33,000 students and approximately 1655 teachers.

University of Dhaka is recognised as the best academic institution of Bangladesh. Political violence and lack of residential space are two of its biggest problems. But when it comes to speaking out against any kind of injustice or violation of rights, the country looks up at the students of University of Dhaka. The success stories of its students need not be elaborated further. The legacy is maintained by the likes of S N Bose, Professor and later, the Department Head of Physics, who had presented a paper to Albert Einstein, and which ultimately became the “Theory of Bose-Einstein Condensate”. Most of our nation's recent success, whether it is conquering Everest or decoding Jute genome, stemmed from a common ground. Thanks a lot to University of Dhaka for presenting us with so many fighters and dreamers, and for everything that we are blessed with today. Happy Birthday DU! Long live University of Dhaka!

Writer is a DU Correspondent, Star Campus
Department of Economics, University of Dhaka.


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