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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 26| June 27, 2010|


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NSUSS at Close Up- Prothom Alo IUCF

Tamoha Binte Siddiqui

NORTH South University Shangshkritik Shangathan(NSUSS) participated in the Close Up- Prothom Alo Inter University Cultural Festival organised by Murchhona, BUET on 10 June. The three day long event, in which universities such as Jahangir Nagar, East West, BRAC and Ahsanullah Tech. participated, was held in the Central Auditorium of BUET. The event was held in the spirit of bringing students from different universities (both public and private) together in order to celebrate our culture and tradition.

The one and half-hour programme by NSUSS was based on the theme of 'unity and strength' present amongst the youth today, and various performances following this theme ensued. Songs from different genres such as folk, Rabindra-Sangeet and contemporary were performed to show case the different spheres of our culture. A short skit, portraying the triumph of the power of love over the evils of our society such as corruption and terrorism, was also carried out using effective devices such as humor, irony, and satire. Another highlight of the programme was a fusion dance routine, which blended both traditional and contemporary dance forms to demonstrate the conflict of good and evil that rages inside each and every individual. By the end of the routine, the good and pure side prevailed as the evil side was not only conquered, but also transformed. Apart from these performances, a presentation show-casing the programmes, works, and activities of NSUSS was also shown.

The anchor of the show, in accordance with the theme of 'unity and strength', talked about how such events can give the students of different universities a common platform in which they not only get the opportunity to exhibit their talent, creativity and ideas, but also get the opportunity to strengthen the bonds and friendship present amongst the students of different universities. Though some people may say that public and private universities are divided in their thought and culture, it is through events such as these that the students prove that there is no division present amongst them. After all, regardless of the university one attends, all the members of the youth share the same goal and the same dreamthe dream of a beautiful and a prosperous country. Therefore, the youth today remains strongly united and ready to face all challenges and crises thrown their way in order to pursue this dream of a better Bangladesh.

(The writer is a students of the English Department, NSU)


Watching a Movie
A tribal farmer watching a Tarzan movie rushed out of the hall the moment a tiger appeared on screen, advancing menacingly towards the audience.
The gatekeeper trying to stop him argued that it's only a movie, to which the tribal replied: “I know it's a movie, you also know it is, but does the tiger know"?

Deer Hunting
A group of friends who went deer hunting separated into pairs for the day. That night, one hunter retuned alone, staggering under an eight-point buck. “Where is Mike?” asked another hunter. “He fainted a couple of miles up the trail,” Mike's partner answered. “You left him lying there alone and carried the deer back?” “A tough call,” said the hunter. “But I figured no one is going to steal Mike.”

An engineer, a mathematician, and a physicist were standing around the university flagpole when an English professor wandered by. “What are you doing?” he asked. “We need to know the height of the flagpole,” said one, “and we're discussing the formulas we might use to calculate it.” “Watch!” said the English professor. He pulled the pole from its fitting, laid it on the grass, borrowed a tape measure and said, “Exactly 24 feet.” Then he replaced the pole and walked away. “English professor!” sneer the mathematician, “We ask him for the height, and he gives us the length.”

After Surgery
A man was just waking up from anesthesia after surgery, and his wife was sitting by his side. His eyes fluttered open and he said, “You are beautiful.” Then he fell asleep again. His wife had never heard him say that, so she stayed by his side. A few minutes later, his eyes fluttered open and he said, “You are cute!” The wife was disappointed because instead of “beautiful,” it was now “cute.” She said, “What happened to 'beautiful'?”
Her husband replied, “The drugs are wearing off!”

Hello, Operator?
“Hello, Operator. You gave me the wrong number.” The young man was quite peeved about it. I'm calling HOpe5567. “There is no such exchange as Rope,” said the operator.
“Hope,” replied the man angrily. “H like in Harry, O for Otto, P for Peter and E for Edward.” “Gee,” said the operator, “that phone booth must be awfully crowded.
But what number do you want?”

The Watch
The man charged into the jewelry shop, slammed his fists angrily on the showcase, removed a wristwatch from his pocket and shook it under the nose of the owner. “You said this watch would last me a lifetime,” he yelled. “Yeah,” admitted the owner. “But you looked pretty sick the day you bought it.”

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