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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 21| May 23, 2010|


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News Room

Facing the Challenges of Climate Change

A three day long training course was organized by the International Training Network Center of Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology (ITN-BUET) during 4-6 May 2010 on 'Facing the Challenges of Climate Change: Issues, Impacts and Adaptation Strategies for Bangladesh with focus on Water and Sanitation System'.

World-renowned specialist in the climate change front was present as resource persons for proving training on various climate change and WSS related topics. Representatives from Government Organizations, Academic Institutions, NGOs and private organizations are participating in the training course. The opening ceremony of the training course was held on 4 May at 9:30 A.M. at the Training Room of ITN-BUET, Dhaka. Professor Dr. A.M.M. Safiullah, Vice-Chancellor of BUET, graced the opening ceremony of the training course as the Chief Guest. Professor Dr. M. Habibur Rahman, Pro Vice-Chancellor of BUET and Director of ITN-BUET presided over the ceremony. In his speech Dr. Safiullah told that the climatic changes would affect Bangladesh more severely as it is a densely populated country.


Faculty Development Workshop

A workshop on how to teach different genres and courses of English literature and language was arranged under the auspices of the Department of English of Eastern University. In all nine genres/courses were selected and accordingly there will be nine sessions to be held on nine separate days. Around nine very high profile Professors of English mostly from Dhaka University will conduct the workshop, each concentrating on a given genre/course. The workshop will be on Wednesdays starting on the first Wednesday of May 5 and ending on the first Wednesday of July 7 with seven sessions in-between. The expected participants are junior faculties from other universities, both private and public, including; of course, Eastern's own English faculties.

Each week one teacher makes his/her presentation, which is followed by feedback from other teachers under the monitoring and guidance of the Dean and senior faculties. In some sessions teachers put up their own creative writings articles, poetry, short stories for comments and discussions.

The present workshop is an extended version of the regularly held faculty development programme. The workshop has been planned and laid out in a framework of down-to-earth textual reading and analysis in the case of literature and practical demonstration in the case of language so that its output is visible and concrete. The idea behind is that such junior senior academic interface and getting- together of faculties from different universities and major colleges shall help develop a productive and wholesome higher education atmosphere in the country.


International Telecommunication Day-2010 at DIU

Star Campus Desk

Daffodil International University and Campus Today recently organised a seminar to observe International Telecommunication Day-2010 at Daffodil International University Auditorium. Syed Marguib Morshed, Former Chairman of BTRC and Major General (Rtd.) Syed Mohammad Ibrahim were present as special guests. Presided over by Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, Board of Governors, Daffodil International University, Professor Dr. Md. Golam Mowla Chowdhury, Chairman, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Daffodil International University delivered the address of Welcome. Tapan Kumar Nath, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Industries presented the keynote speech at the Seminar.

International Nurses Day Celebrated at IUBAT

COLLEGE of Nursing, International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT) celebrated International Nurses Day recognising the important contribution of nurses in health care services all over the world. Alex Berland, Senior Adviser Health Sciences at IUBAT and Adjunct Faculty, School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia, Canada mentioned seminar highlights of 'Nurses Leading Chronic Care,' accepted global theme of nurses day for the year, 2010. Chairs, Co-coordinators, faculty members and students of the College of Nursing and other departments attended the celebration at the conference hall. A number of nursing professionals from Apollo Hospitals, United Hospitals, College of Nursing, ICDDRB Dhaka and CRP took part in the deliberation. Dr S M A Masud, Coordinator College of Nursing moderated the programme. Three groups of students of College of Nursing detailed core matters of chronic diseases specifying the role of nurses in community health care for building a healthy nation.

Dr. M. Alimullah Miyan, VC of IUBAT summed up the discussion for greater vision and mission in order to produce caring professionals in the health care arena for facing the existing challenges in health care. Earlier in the week, IUBAT Nursing Society and Bachelors students of nursing celebrated International Nurses Day in a befitting manner. Dr. M. Alimullah Miyan, VC attended the event as Chief Guest. Presided over by Professor Alex Berland, speakers focused on dedicated service following the inspiring example of Florence Nightingale. Dr S M A Masud, Coordinators College of Nursing highlighted the effects of chronic diseases. The function attended by students and faculty members was followed by a colourful cultural event.


Sadik Shahid in US Junior Math Olympiad

Sayeed Rahman

SADIK, a Bangladeshi American, and ex Bangladesh Association of Kentucky member, made to the US Junior Math Olympiad team and will be spending this summer at University of Nebraska to train with the US team. Other than soccer chess, math is his passion. Sadik will be taking Math courses at Princeton University from next year. The Junior Mathematical Olympiad contest better meets the level of young students. This new contest bridges the computational solution process of the AIME and the proof orientation of the USAMO. For more information on the USAMO and MAA's American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), click:
http://amc.maa.org/e-exams/ e8-usamo/usamo.shtml
Sadik's win will inspire other Bangladeshi American Kids in future.


Higher education reform project launched at JU

Nazmul Haque Zenith

A project on 'Higher Education Reform' has been launched at the JU with the support of Health Consortium of Canada (HCC) on May 9. The project will be run by Health Consortium of Canada (HCC) with a view to enhancing university governance and upgrading university management systems and launching of Health Sciences, Water Engineering and other disciplines. The project titled 'Application of Technology and Best Practices in Reforming Higher Education-Using English as a Pilot' was jointly organised by JU and DIU.

The scheme indicates technology-based education in universities for constructing a true 'Digital Bangladesh' within 2021.


A New Opportunity for Students

Aminul Islam

THE orientation of the third batch students in Japanese Languages Teaching Programme of Stamford University Bangladesh was held on April 22, 2010 in the auditorium at Siddeswari campus. On this occasion, Nehal Hossain, a student of the 27th Batch of Computer Science, Department of Stamford University talked about his experience in Japan. During the orientation programme Kojima Masao, Head of the Department of Japanese Language Teaching responded to different questions. He informed the audience that any student of the Departments of Computer Science & Engineering, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Civil Engineering and any other department of Science Faculty of Stamford University can apply directly for scholarships in Japanese University. It is essential to learn Japanese language for studying in a Japanese University. It is also essential for students to do a part-time job in Japan. Every year Japanese Embassy arranges for JLPT tests.

Dr. Zafar Iqbal Khan, Programme Coordinator, Dr. Mahfuzul Islam, Advisor, Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering, teachers and students of different departments, attended the orientation programme among others.


Live Discussion at BRACU on Electric Power Crisis

Munshi Asadullah

ON the 6th of April Professor Md. Quamrul Ahsan demonstrated his research findings on “Electric Power Crisis in Bangladesh and Its Potential Solutions” at BRAC University at a live discussion with the faculty and students.

The paper presented the unmet demand of electricity on a typical summer and a winter day and the annual maximum un-served demand of last few years. To present an idea about the magnitude of economic impact due to the void in the served energy in the society the paper evaluates the annual power interruption cost. The generation capacity expansion is a solution to meet the growing demand and to reduce the void of energy that is being served. However, the installation of generating units requires time. To reduce the present crisis some of the factors regarding system operation, (i) optimal economic operation of thermal units and (ii) exhaustive use of hydro resources, were discussed along with their impacts on the reduction of the present crisis.

The paper further discussed the generation expansion planning procedure. In expansion analysis, the major issues are the fuel for producing electricity and the money for the implementation of the optimal plan. It is expected that the analysis will help system planners derive options for fuels and generation of fund.

The month of April had been very eventful for CARG as a major conference IASTED 2010, International Conference on Control and Applications, recently accepted a paper titled “Performance Comparison of Traffic Light Control System Using GAL and FPGA”.

The Event was organized by Control Application Research Group (CARG), Department of Electrical And Electronic Engineering (EEE), BRAC University. CARG is a young research group with expertise and activities in an area of system and control engineering. Professor Md. Sayeed Salam, Chairman, Department of EEE, BRAC University launched the official website of CARG (http:\\carg.bracu.ac.bd) at the beginning making the event extra special.


News Snap

Go Green Sunnydale

Marium Nawal Oishee and Najibah Nasrin

A festive atmosphere prevailed in Sunnydale Middle Section on Thursday, April 29 as it was the Project Presentation Day of 2010. The theme of this year was 'Go Green Sunnydale' and the programme was a great success. Students of class, I to class VI participated in this programme. The Chief Guests of the programme was Principal, Tazeen Ahmed and Vice Principal, Zeenat Afroza.

Through the presentations the students showed their awareness towards the global issues relating to environmental hazards that the world is facing today, or may have to face tomorrow.

The students demonstrated alternative ways of producing electricity in Physics and explained about atoms and molecules through vivid models in Chemistry. The problems of global warming and the advantages of replacing fossil fuels with renewable resources like hydro-electricity or solar power were shown with illustrations in Geography projects. Last but not the least, the display of exquisite paintings and handicrafts made by the students amazed everyone.

At the end of the programme, the principal handed out certificates to the participants. The students donated plants for the tree plantation programme and pledged to practice the use of 3R bins (reduce, reuse, recycle) in the school compound. We, the students of Sunnydale, hope to raise awareness among people and build support for our campaign to save our beloved planet.

(The writers are students of standard six, Sunnydale)



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