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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 19| May 9, 2010|


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20 Universities 1000 participants

Md. Saifur Rahman

THE Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) of Bangladesh University of Business and Technology (BUBT) organised its annual mega programme CSE FIESTA for the second time. One of the major aims of the event was to present the skills and highlight the proficiency of the CSE students in ICT. Almost 1000 participants from over 20 universities and more then 10 colleges participated in the event. The opening ceremony of the CSE FIESTA-2010 was held on April 19 in the common room of the university. The daylong programme included Inter University Math Olympiad, Inter College Math Olympiad, Gaming contest, voting for Sundarban and a cultural programme.

Dr. Md. Shamsul Alam, former Professor and Head of the Department of CSE, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET), was the Chief Guest of the programme. The Special Guest of the program was Prof. Md. Ali Azam, Pro-Vice Chancellor, BUBT. The programme was presided over by Prof. Md. Abu. Saleh, Vice Chancellor of BUBT. Prof. Md. Abu Taher Mojumder, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities and of Social Sciences, Prof. Md. Mohiuddin, Dean, Faculty of Business and of CST, Prof A. B. Md. Badruddoza Mia, Controller of Examination, and Chairman and teachers of different departments of the university were also present at the opening ceremony of the program. At the beginning of the session Prof. Md. Mohiuddin, Dean, Faculty of Business and of CST, BUBT gave his welcome address. Dr. Md. Shamsul Alam said in his speech, “Using IT, India has gone far ahead of us. If we put more emphasis on the IT sector, we will be able to reach our destination.

BUBT believes that as a leading university its responsibility is to create a competitive and stimulating environment so that students can sharpen their analytical skills. Keeping this point in view BUBT organised a Math Olympiad, which was divided mainly into two parts: university level and college level. Fifty students were selected for each level. The participants contested individually. The Olympiad ran for 1.5 hours. 10 problems were given from areas of arithmetic, geometry, algebra, calculus and combinatorics. At university level Md. Mahbubul Hasan of BUET clinched the first position. Shahriar Rouf (BUET) won the second position while Nazir Saleheen of University of Dhaka came third. Muhammed Hedayetul Islam (Southeast University) and Md. Zobaer Islam (BUET) came fourth and fifth respectively. At college level top five contestants were Fahim Siddiqul (Dhaka Imperial College) , Mahbub Alam (Dhaka Imperial College), Nawrin Tasnuva Nurin (B.N. College, Dhaka), Md. Faqrul Islam (Dhaka Residential Model College), Md. Jaker Alam (Dhaka City College).

A student of State University of Bangladesh (SUB) who participated in the Math Olympiad event said, “ I participated in this event to satisfy my quest for knowledge. As a CSE student I have been benefitted by this event in the field of academics.” He also added, “events like Math Olympiad should be organised more regularly”. Question of Math Olympiad were prepared by Prof. Dr. M. Kaykobad, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), BUET. He was also present as the chief judge. Gazi Mahamudul Alam, Md. Nasir Uddin, Md. Minuddin, Md. Naimul Hasan and Md. Nasim Azad the faculty members of BUBT supported the chief judge in checking answer scripts and preparing results. The Math Olympiad was held under the supervision of faculty members Md. Morshedul Islam, Shamima Sultana and Mushfeka Deeba.

Md. Fakhrul Islam, a first year student of Dhaka Residential Model School and College, said, “I participated in the Math Olympiad to learn something more which is out of the syllabus.” He then added, ''The parameter of our knowledge can be increased by attending such extra-curricular competitions.”

CSE FIESTA 2010 was not confined to Math Olympiad only but is also included a gaming tournament. Now-a-days gaming tournaments have become a part and parcel of ICT arena. The gaming tournament organised the event FIFA 09 as per rules and regulations followed WCG gaming standard. From about 20 private and public universities a total of 50 contestants took part in the gaming event. One little kid of standard one from an English Medium School who participated in the event caught the attention of everyone and he marched on until the quarterfinals. The brilliant kid was awarded a special prize in the prize giving ceremony. The whole gaming tournament was organised and managed by CSE department of BUBT and the gaming committee consisted of Rubayte Rahman (Lecturer, CSE Department), Md. Asikur Rahman (Lecturer, CSE Department) and Md. Mustafa Kamal Bhuiyan (Lecturer, CSE Department). Apart from their leadership, around 15 volunteers from CSE Department ran the show. All the hardware and technical support was provided by the CSE Department of BUBT.

The gaming tournament was the life and charm of the entire mega event. Among all the participants, the third position went to a student of BUBT and the runner up was from Dhaka City College. Priom Munasir from Islamic University of Technology (IUT) stole the show and became the champion. The final match took place in the auditorium in front of all the viewers.

BUBT opened a voting line for students and visitors for casting their votes for the Sundarbans to raise its status and put Bangladesh on the top of the seven wonders of nature. A total of 900 votes were cast for the Sundarbans. Students of different departments, teachers and guests at the programme went to the voting line and students of the Dept. of CSE helped them cast their votes. This event was held under the supervision of Mr. Khondaker Fida Hasan, a faculty member of BUBT.

The Prize Distribution Ceremony of the first phase of CSE FIESTA was held on the same day. A. F. M. Sarwar Kamal, Chairman of the Syndicate, BUBT, was present there as the chief guest. The special guests of the programme were Dr. Md. Samsul Alam, Former Professor and Head, Department of CSE, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) and Dr. M. Kaykobad, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), BUET. Prof. A. F. M. Khodadad Khan, Former Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Dhaka was the guest of honour of the programme. The guest of honour in his speech said that mathematics is one of the important subjects of science. Those who are good in mathematics are good in programming. He suggested organising such contests on a regular basis to increase students' analytical skills. The special guest Prof. Dr. Md. Kaykobad in his speech said, “Our students are showing their abilities in the international Math Olympiad competitions. They have already received silver and bronze medals from different international Math Olympiad contests held all over the world.” Prof. Md. Abu Saleh, Vice Chancellor, BUBT, presided over the function. “I really appreciate such programmes and encourage the Department of CSE to arrange similar programmes frequently in future,” said the Vice Chancellor. Prof. Md. Abu Taher Mojumder, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities and Social Sciences, BUBT offered the vote of thanks.

The Prize Distribution ceremony was followed by a cultural programme. Students of Dept. of CSE of BUBT and BUBT cultural club together arranged the cultural programme. The programme included drama, jokes, songs and band music. The cultural programme was held under the supervision of faculty member Md. Raisul Alam and Md. Minuddin.

The second phase of CSE FIESTA 2010 will be held in June 11-12. It is expected that about 60 teams of different universities will participate in the contest. Md. Shahriar Manzoor, Chairman Dept of CSE, Southeast University will be present as the judging director and Dr. M. Kaykobad, Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), BUET, will be the Chief Judge.

(The writer is Member Secretary, Executive Committee, CSE FIESTA 2010)



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