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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 11| March 14, 2010|


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Under the fading spring sun

Rajib Sinha

They came from London, they came from Paris and Rome, from Khulna and Cox's Bazar, from Bogra and Sylhet, and they came from all over. They came with their family, wife and children, few with grand children. Some successful entrepreneurs, some bureaucrats, some publisher, some taught in colleges and universities, some decided to be professional soldier some even decided to do nothing other than social work. The rich dad's money was the spoiler!! Some were retired and likes to go fishing. They all gathered under the fading sun of the departing spring afternoon in a community center in Chittagong to relive their glorious past share the dreams of the future. They were the alumni of the Department of Management, Chittagong University, all gathered to share their moments of glory and sadness, achievement and successes. It was the third tri-annual alumni meet of the Chittagong University Management Association.

Held every three year, this year's meet was very special as it was attended by about three thousand participants, members, family and children in all. The two day meet kicked of on March 4 with a rally and distribution of food amongst the orphans and destitute. The grand gala final ceremony was inaugurated the following afternoon with the Vice-chancellor of Chittagong University, Professor Abu Yousuf hoisting of the National Flag. The attraction of the day was the reminiscent of the days in the university by the alumni. The memories which never fade were shared with others. Some secrets revealed, some amusing while few embarrassing! Everyone enjoyed to the last word spoken. Dr. Nurun Nabi one of the first batch honour's student of the university, who later on went on to become a faculty member of the department was at the center of many stories he helped to create. They were all hilarious. Everyone missed the personal presence of Dr. Nabi who currently resides in London and heads a very successful college. Professor Abdul Mannan, the former Vice-chancellor of Chittagong University and one time a popular and highly respected teacher of the department shared his experience about the development of a tiny department into a major department of the university. Many things he mentioned were simply revealing to the new generation.

While the alumni socialized under the huge canopy their children were busy having a ride in the merry-go- round or watching the snake charmer juggling with his huge python. The evening was rounded up with a spectacular cultural show put up the students and professionals. Finally when the President of Association Mr. Jashim Uddin Chowdhury blew the whistle for the closure tears rolled in many eyes. Some consoled, 'we will meet again in 2012.'

(Photographs and text by Rajib Sinha, Alumnus, CU Management Association)

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