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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 8| February 21, 2010|


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Books review

Sisterhood of the travelling pants

Reviewed by Saushan Rahman

THEY were friends before they were even born. The fact that their mothers went to the same yoga class while they were pregnant sealed the bond of eternal friendship. They were called the Septembers -- Tibby the rebel, the beautiful Lena, the wild and spontaneous Bridget and the emotional Carmen. Till the age of 16 they had spent every single day of their lives together. Before their summer of being apart from each other the Septembers find magic in the form of a pair of ordinary pair of jeans, a pair that fit all four of them. The whole summer while they are away from each other, the pant will travel from one girl to another and bring magic in its own way. That is how the sisterhood of the travelling pants begin.

As time passes each girl gets to have her own magic. Lena finds love in her homeland of Greece, Bridget goes away to a soccer camp, an unlikely place to find romance, Carmen visits her father who has a surprise for her that would change her life and Tibby finds a new friend to share her summer and her dreams.

Though the main characters of the book are a group of teenagers, but no matter how old you are, you can identify with one of the girls in the book. It is a book about transition form being a teenager to being an adult. It is a book that tells you the true meaning of friendship and love. It shows when there is true love and friendship involved, something as ordinary as a pair of simple jeans can become extraordinary. Even though author Ann Brashares makes it look like that the pants has the magic, but the truth is it is the magic of love and friendship that can be found throughout the book.

The easy language and the very different and interesting plots of the story is one of the main attractions of the book. It is the friendship of the four friends that would keep the reader mesmerised. The best way to enjoy this book is to share it with your friends.

Sisterhood of the travelling pants is the first book of the series and it has three more sequels. All the books are equally fun to read. Read the books to find your own sisterhood and the magic of friendship.

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