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     Volume 2 Issue 149 | December 27 , 2009|


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Book Review

'Nonadherence to Antihypertensive Treatment in Bangladesh'

By: Sultana Monira Hussain
Published by: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing AG & Co. KG

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Board: Dr. Wolfgang Muller (chair), Christoph Schulligen, Jurgen Gerber
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RA André Gottschalk

Date of Publication: 14 October 2009.
Bangladesh is passing through early epidemiological transition where hypertension is one of the ten leading causes of morbidity and mortality. There is a close relationship between blood pressure and the risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, vascular diseases and other cardiovascular events. The control of blood pressure along with many other factors is dependant on adherence to treatment. Most of the hypertensive patients of Bangladesh are non-adherent to the treatment. Given the socio-cultural and economic similarities that prevail all around the country (may be also in other countries having similar profile), the outcome of such studies are likely to be more-or-less alike. Several factors, health perceptions, socio-economic factors (increased dependence, burden of drug costs, accessibility to services), reduced physical mobility, attitudes towards pill taking, and a low level of overall education, health consciousness and the health-seeking behaviour of the elderly may contribute to the low level of awareness, treatment and control of blood pressure. This study focused on those presumed factors and will be useful for the professionals dealing with non-adherent patients.

About the Author:
Sultana M Hussain MPH: a Medical Graduate from Rajshahi Medical College in 2001 and pursued Masters in Public Health in Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand and is working as an Assistant Professor of Community Medicine in Anwer Khan Modern Medical College in Dhaka, is involved with several health research projects. She has many publications in different journals and articles in dailies, was awarded UNFPA Media Award twice in 2003 and in 2004-5 in Bangla Print media in Bangladesh. She is author of two books and worked in 'Bangla Encyclopaedia'.

Reviewed by a customer
It's a great book for anyone involved in management of hypertension and drug adherence. Hypertension is one of the important non-communicable diseases with multiple complications causing morbidity and mortality. But its management is complex, costly and needs continuous patient monitoring. Like many other non-communicable diseases, nonadherence to antihypertensive treatment is a common problem. This book has brilliantly highlighted the ins and outs of this aspect. Professionals working with hypertensive patients will get newer insights especially about family support and accessibility to treatment and services after reading this book.

My thanks to Sultana Monira Hussain for her work. I hope she will write more books that will deal in-depth about different aspects of management of hypertension. I recommend this book.


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