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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 141 | October 25 , 2009|


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Ovijaan rolls on to take Internet
education to the Youth

Tanzina Rahman

NEEDLESS to say the significance of computer and internet literacy is crucial to compete in today's 21st century. The definition of 'quality education' that once consisted of only books is incomplete today without attaining competence in internet literacy. In line with this notion, Nokia recently launched 'Ovijaan', a programme aimed to empower Bangladeshi youth through greater access to information technology. Nokia has created two environment friendly cyber buses, equipped with solar panels and internet set-up for five Nokia handsets and five computer stations, which will explore through the rural schools and education institutes across Bangladesh.

The inaugural ceremony was held recently at Spectra Convention Cention. Architect Yeafesh Osman, Honourable State Minister for Science, Information and Communication Technology, presided over the event as chief guest. The minister reiterated Bangladesh Government's commitment behind the ICT sector and stressed the importance of ensuring easy and affordable access to internet in the rural community, especially among youth. He commended Nokia for this unique initiative and encouraged Nokia's efforts in helping the country to take a step towards reaching the dream of a Digital Bangladesh.

The 'Ovijaan' buses will cover 40 major district towns reaching 120 schools and colleges around the country in the first phase of the plan. One bus will start from Dinajpur while the other will start from Cox's Bazaar following two different routes criss-crossing the country from 18th October 2009. At major district towns, seminars and local advocacy meetings will also be organised to get local leaders, celebrities and people involved in creating awareness about information technology usage and its advantages. After school hours, the buses will be stationed at a known public place in the town ensuring access to everyone. As part of the campaign, Nokia has also proposed to help the District Commissioners to activate email accounts for administrative purposes and Government communication, which will allow for more direct communication with the local people.

As Bangladesh aims to expand its horizons in the ICT sector, one cannot afford to lack behind to attain such knowledge. Ovijaan is one of Nokia's series of initiatives to make knowledge-based society and instigate internet a reality in grassroots.

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