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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 134 | August 30 , 2009|


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Editor's Note

I am happy that Star Campus is celebrating the completion of three years of publication. My felicitations to all on this happy occasion. In the last three years' journey this magazine for the youth has been able to draw the attention of the target audience, which became manifest in the large number of articles and reports streaming in from educational institutes both at home and abroad. Selecting good ones for publication is often an ordeal, but the Star Campus team members have tried their best to do justice to them.

Star Campus has been able to live up to its promise - to link young minds together. It has provided them with a platform from where they can now speak out and their youthful voice resonates in the corridors of all educational institutes across the country and beyond. Today, more and more youth organisations are coming up to work together as partners in organising events that are aimed at bringing out the hidden potential of the young people of the country.

I wish Star Campus full speed.

Mahfuz Anam
Editor & Publisher
The Daily Star

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