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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 131 | August 9 , 2009|


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Celebrating 49th Anniversary of B.A.F. Shaheen College

Tanzia Siddiqua

BANGLADESH Air Force's Shaheen College (Tejgaon branch) celebrated its 49th anniversary on July 11, 2009. The day was aimed not only for celebrating the anniversary but also to enhance the leadership qualities of the students through a noteworthy tradition.

Like each year, the event was followed by a tradition named 'The School Day' where the selected senior students played the roles of the teachers. They represented the teachers' identities by wearing their aprons and nameplates and taught the classes like regular teachers. The classes started in the regular time and continued henceforth. Some of the students also performed as staffs by wearing the staff-uniforms. While the students were busy performing the activities, the teachers enjoyed monitoring and guiding them around in the school.

The tradition builds up and strengthens the bond between the teachers and students. In addition to that the activities build leadership qualities of the learners as well as the ability to function together as a group. Through the activity they also learn to take responsibilities, to be supportive to the teachers and most importantly they learn to maintain discipline in the school.

After the classes there was a lunch party for the teachers in the auditorium, Shaheen Hall. Followed by a cultural programme where many of the teachers sang songs, recited poems and the senior most teachers gave short speeches.

(Internee Teacher, BAF Shaheen College)


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