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     Volume 2 Issue 130 | August 2 , 2009|


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Sony Ericsson C901 Cyber-shot hits the market

Star Campus Desk

THE all new Sony Ericsson C901 Cyber-shot has recently hit the markets with new and exciting features. Users can now get picture perfect with the C901 Cyber-shot -- the built-in Xenon flash and Smile Shutter lets consumers take quality pictures to share with the world or order direct to their door.

The five megapixel camera mobile phone enables quality photography wherever you are. Once again Sony Ericsson demonstrates its dedication to image quality, producing a mobile phone with a host of quality features. A built-in Xenon flash will make your picture as clear and bright as the real thing. Face Detection lets you take fantastic group shots and Smile Shutter ensures you will never take another picture of your friends frowning! Finally, BestPic lets you click the camera once and get nine pictures in quick succession – simply keep your favourite and delete the rest!

With five megapixels and dedicated camera buttons you can take stunning high-resolution shots instantly. View them on the crystal clear 2.2” scratch-resistant mineral glass display or send them to your blog, web album or order prints of the highest quality direct from your phone to your door!

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