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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 130 | August 2 , 2009|


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Thoughts on Friendship

Shammi Akhter

FRIENDSHIP is a mere combination of a few letters, but its meaning is far extended. It is one of the most precious relationships in the world. Every human being wants to make friends, because it is the friends who make our lives more meaningful.

Friendship is a heavenly bondage between souls. When we find the unity of our thoughts, emotions and feelings with someone else, we like to develop a bond with them. It is a connection that doesn't care difference of age, creed, culture, social or family status.

In the ancient days man had to live in hostile surroundings. Due to the necessity of surviving he had to make friends, who would provide him the support to carry on his existence smoothly. Thus, the inborn instinct of survival led us to develop friendship with our fellows. Yet in this modern and civilized age the need for friendship is not decaying.

Though originally conceived as a sacred relation, friendship is not always stainless. Sometimes we are cheated by those so-called friends who exploit the blessed relationship to satisfy their evil purpose. They make friendship for their sinful interest. When it is done they just leave their unfortunate friends. These guys are called 'summer friends'. They are no less than a curse in a man's life. So, everyone should be careful about choosing the right friend.

A true friend means someone who is ready to lend his shoulder when your eyes are full of tears. A true friend tunes with his friend's emotions, advises him the right way and is ready to share the weal and woe of his friend. Such a friend is a divine gift from God. Good friendship can build a man's character strongly. On the other hand, evil company can destroy a man completely. Wicked friends help develop wickedness in us. Most of the time juveniles become delinquents due to ill-willed friends. It is not only hazardous in one's personal life, but also it affects family life adversely.

Hence, friendship is such a matter that can be both the cause of one's success in life, or the reason of one's sheer failure. We must be careful about choosing friends and should also be honest and sympathetic to our friends. Life is but one prolonged journey and it is friends who are gifts from the creator to assist us in this journey. Let us live a life full of joys and sorrows, shared equally with our friends.

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