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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 119 | May 17, 2009|


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Second Convocation @ UODA

MD. Aynal Haque Rana

The second convocation of University of Development Alternative (UODA) was held on 30th April '09 at the Bangladesh- China Friendship Conference centre. The programme started with the entrance of Honorable President of Bangladesh and the chancellor of UODA Md. Zillur Rahman. It was followed by the national anthem and recitation from the Holy Quran. After that, V.C Professor Dr. Emajuddin Ahmed handed over a crest of convocation to the President. Among the guests were advisor to the Economic Affairs Dr. Mashiur Rahman and the Chairman of University Grant Commission (UGC) Professor Nazrul Islam. Honorable President emphasized the Information technology based education to face the challenges of globalisation. He also said that the present government has taken many programmes to create a generation enriched with the knowledge of IT and modern science. “I believe that with the cooperation of all concerned, the programmes would be implemented and Bangladesh would strengthen its position in the field of Information Technology”, he added. President Zillur Rahman congratulated the new graduate students and inspired them to work for the development of Bangladesh. Dr. Mashiur Rahman express his concern for the educational system, which slipped away from the policy of the construction and the spirit of right. He also expressed his concern about the huge difference between the Bengali and English medium, which ultimately make a wide difference in the later part of life, especially in professional life. About 883 students graduated and 15 students among them were awarded gold medals.

Student of Molecular medicine and Bioinformatics
Photos taken by Nazmus Sakib Evan

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