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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 108 | March 1, 2009|


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Weeklong “Nattya Parban-2009”
at Jahangirnagar University

Farhat Tasannum Farah

"NATTYA Parban-2009” has started from 22nd February.It is a 7-day programme of plays by several different theatre teams coming from all over Bangladesh at Jahangirnagar University “Muktomoncho” (open Theatre).

This weeklong drama programme is organized by Jahangirnagar Theatre every year. Jahangirnagar Theatre is a member of Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation. Every year this weeklong Nattya Parban holds a grand splendid and colourful celebration at “Muktomoncho”.

Nattya Parban has been inaugurated by the acting Vice Chancellor of JU Professor Muniruzzaman, Dr A.K.M Shahnawaz (Professor, Dept. of Archaeology) and the Secretary of Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation Mr. Jhuna Chowdhury. The inaugural ceremony was gorgeously celebrated. The rocking Rally, the huge splendour of fire-works, the arrangement of huge number of lighted candles on all directions and the soul captivating melodious background music of piano started this weeklong drama programme.

The play “Suprobhaat” by Jahangirnagar Theatre was the first among all the plays. “Socrates-er Jobanbondi” (by Drishshopot) was shown in the 2nd day ; on 23rd Feb. On 24th Feb, “Bajao Panchojonno” (by Jahangirnagar Theatre), and “Pussy Cat” (by Subachan Nattya Sangsad), on 25th- “Birosha Kavya” (by Desh Natok), on 26th “Ohom Tomoshay” (by Mahakaal Nattya Samprodaay), on 27th- “Mike Master” (by Jahangirnagar Theatre), and, on the last day; on 28th Feb-the play “Daakghar” ( by Palakar) was shown in the “Muktomoncho”.

The Nattya Parban week has always been a very pleasant and joyful event for the students of JU as well as for all the outsiders! Students enjoy attending the plays very enthusiastically. They make themselves great spirited and inspiring audience at the gallery of the “Muktomoncho” every year at JU. Many celebrities also come here, appreciate this effort and initiation of arranging such an event every year and join as audience!

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