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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 108 | March 1, 2009|


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FM Radio - Craze of the young generation

Khalilur Rahman

IT has now become a common scene that many campus goers are listening to FM radio stations and shaking their heads with the rhythm of music. Young people take this very passionately. This new craze began from the middle of 2006, when the first FM radio station Radio Today started their operations. After USA and other European countries, even our neighboring country India introduced private FM radio stations to their people more than a decade ago. However, Bangladesh introduced FM radio station to the listeners in 2006 overcoming many social, economical and religious obstacles.

Student life is extremely hectic given our extremely busy schedules. In Dhaka, there are only a few places where people can hangout. Now, many of our friends are seen to listen to the radio while they are studying in the library, in practical labs, even through the full period of some consecutive classes continuously. Definitely this attitude has negative sides to it but there are advantages too. Precisely, the standard of the programs are so good that we can't think of turning off the radio. Incidentally, the enthusiastic and smart presentation of the RJs changed our lifestyle. Their advices to the SMS senders and listeners are also striking. But sadly enough, many of the RJs have serious problems regarding their pronunciations. Their unnecessary practice of mixing English and Bengali often leaves us puzzled.

These FM radio stations often play many common and rare hit numbers of many anonymous singers. In fact we would not have been able to know about these songs in our entire life without referring to FM radio stations. Different kinds of programs like students counseling, musical programs, news, and interviews are also broadcast on FM radio stations.

Listening to FM Radio is a new trend and it is here to stay. But we should not indulge in it so much that our studies. Which are our first priority, is hampered.

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