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     Volume 2 Issue 96 | November 30 2008|


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KYAMCH: A dream comes to reality

Quazi Sharjil Hassan

WHAT sets man apart from the other living beings is his power to think ahead. Great thinkers have dazzled us with their visions of grandeur and left us paths to follow to find the true meaning of life. One such visionary was Khawaja Yunus Ali Enayetpuri (PBUH); a great saint who is much revered all over the Asian subcontinent. About 70 years ago, on a day much like today, he set out and planted a wooden peg on the bank of the Jamuna River. He later declared to his followers that one day on this very spot a philanthropic organization will arise.

Though the saint is long gone, his dream still lives on and the Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College & Hospital (KYAMCH) which has been established on this spot after all these years. This institute is a charitable organization dedicated to help the sufferings of humanity by giving medical treatment at an affordable cost. KYAMCH has been established by Dr. M M Amjad Hossian, a person who has been greatly influenced by the teachings of the saint Khawaja Yunus Ali (PBUH) and he has dedicated his life to make this vision a reality. This dream has slowly taken wings and now KYAMCH has become one of the largest non-government hospitals in Bangladesh.

The foundation stone of this institute was laid in 1995 on a span of 58 acres of land! The first patients were received in the outdoor department in May 2004. The first patients were admitted to the indoor department exactly after one year in 2005. Now KYAMCH boasts of being one of the few hospitals outside Dhaka having a fully functional Cardiac Operation Unit. KYAMCH also has the most advanced cancer treatment and research institute in Bangladesh with the only functioning linear accelerator (LINAC).The hospital now has 586 beds and ever expanding with 18 state of the art operation theaters.

Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College (KYAMC) started in May 2005 with its batch of 50 students and this is where I come in. I am proud to be one of the fortunate few who were lucky enough to join this glorious institute. At first I was a little apprehensive about leaving home and coming to a place which I had only a vague idea about. But after I set foot inside the boundary walls of KYAMCH I was absolutely awestruck! What I saw was to be something I had never seen or thought could exist. There were vast expanses of open space with rows of buildings placed in an orderly fashion. The hospital building took my breath away with its three huge minarets and I knew instantly that this was where I truly belonged. Soon I came to terms with the hardships of trying to be a doctor but it was worth it as our teachers were always there to guide us through the maze of medicine. Hostel life needed some getting used to but soon I was just like the others and soon all of the students melted into one big family. Many afternoons were spent playing cricket and soccer in the playgrounds and Sundays (our holiday) were for the laundry! We have no problems in spending our time and we can get every facility one usually associates with a city life. We have a shopping mall at our premises and even an ATM booth though we live in the middle of one of the remotest areas in Bangladesh! We recently came up with our first magazine titled- 'AGONTUK' which was unveiled in a lavish cultural program.

So I hope that the readers will find this article interesting and we at KYAMCH are always eager to receive guests. So what are you waiting for? See you soon at KYAMCH!

(4th year Student of KYAMC)

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