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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 43 | November 16 2008|


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The 14 December issue of Star Campus will be on Our Valiant Freedom Fighters. They sacrificed their lives, blood and body limbs for the country. It is because of their sacrifice we have got our beloved Bangladesh. So, if you know of a freedom fighter in your family, your friends' family or in your village then take a trip and talk to the elderly people there and rediscover the heroes living in seclusion, away from all the gleam and glitter. Let the world know about them through your article. Can't we do this much for them?

Please write an article (word limit - 500 words) on this hero and collect his/her photograph and send it to us. Send your passport size photo as well. Your article should reach us by December 5 to the following address: starcampus@gmail.com

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