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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 94 | November 16 2008|


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Break Free to Your Dream

Star Campus Desk

TO be young is to live in the now. To be young is to be with friends. To be young is to live life to the fullest, to be immersed in music, friendship, and love. To be young is to be able to dream on and aspire to achieve.”

The youth in our country are not different. A telling distinctiveness, though, is their urge to be rooted in reality, which is shaped by the circumstances of their lives. Yet, youth is youth. They find ways out of this routine reality to get their shots at fulfilling their dreams and ambitions.

Recognizing this unwavering attitude of youth, djuice launched a nationwide campus-based activation campaign called “Break Free to Your Dream”. This campaign aims to provide a solid platform for the youth to fulfill the dreams that they garner deep within.. djuice focused on three particular professions that are pretty popular among the youth: RJ, Modeling and Lyricist.

Star Campus, Radio Foorti and BAMBA are involved with the campaign as strategic partners. All of them share the common goal with djuice regarding youth development and encouraging the dreamers among us to break free!

So far, djuice has visited 47 public and private campuses, across the nation. Students of Jahangirnagar University, AIUB, East West University, UIU, Chittagong Medical College, Rajshahi University, and Mymensingh Agricultural University are some of those universities. The youngsters at those institutions have all shown tremendous enthusiasm and excitement when the activation teams visited their respective campuses. The response to each activity: RJ, Modeling or Lyricist, has been overwhelming so far. RJ aspirants queued for hours in front of the designated booth at each location. The common sight involved participants rehearsing while on queue and taking tips from Radio Foorti RJs who were present there to give encouragement. Similar sights were seen in front of the Modeling booth where aspiring ladies and gents were found busy doing their make-up or fixing their shirts before clicking their mobile phone and sending the MMS to the designated port.

The aim of this entire campaign was to encourage the youth to dream about what they want to be and, with support from Star Campus, Radio Foorti and BAMBA, provide them the platform to demonstrate their unseen talent to the nation in waiting. This campaign further strengthens the notion that the youth of Bangladesh do not shy away from an opportunity but rather they have the confidence to grasp it with both hands and set the world alight!

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