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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 94 | November 16 2008|


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An Architect's Dhaka

Dr. Mahbubur Rahman

Part Twelve
There is no government policy as such on architectural heritage conservation in Bangladesh hardly any specified methodology or procedure has been followed by the government or any other organisation.

Milking business

Dr Binoy Barman

Businessmen can just do the miracle. They can make profit out of nothing. The less scrupulous ones can make business even killing people.

Boston University Election Day

Sameirah Nasrin Ahsan

BU celebrates Election Day. Wednesday 4th November, the students of Boston University got together after classes to watch the US Presidential Election proceedings.

Break Free to Your Dream

Star Campus Desk

“To be young is to live in the now. To be young is to be with friends. To be young is to live life to the fullest, to be immersed in music, friendship, and love. To be young is to be able to dream on and aspire to achieve.”

Call Center Training Skills - Listening Effectively

Tarek Mollah

In my previous article, I highlighted the importance of training in Call Center operation. And today, I got some heavenly facts that am looking forward to sharing with you all.


Ali Hamid Khan

The importance of education is quite clear. Education is the knowledge to maximize the use of one's potentials and qualities.

A long way to the 75th test match

Interviewed by Nishat Tasneem
Written by Sadia Afrin Khan

Daryl Harper, one of the four umpires fortunate enough to stand in his 75th test match.

So you want to be a doctor?

By a Headmistress

I believe that we need the funding for a leaflet called 'So you want to be a doctor'.

The Expedition has Started- The Birth of CGHSDC

Mottakin Chowdhury

After a long time and a great attempt, “Chittagong Government High School Debating Club (CGHSDC)” has started.

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