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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 88 | September 28, 2008|


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Tech Wise

Fuji's 3D Camera System

FUJI announced a 3d digital imaging system that uses modern image processors to take images with similar quality found in modern cameras. The dual lens system can also be used for future applications including instantly stiched together panoramas from two simultaneous shots, or using one CCD to shoot video while the other shoots stills. What's interesting is that Fuji simultaneously developed a 3D imaging ecosystem including an 8.4 inch, 3D LCD display that needs no glasses and a 3D printer.

Carbon Nanotube Supercapacitors May Replace Clunky Car Batteries

CARBON nanotubes are one of the surprising new carbon supermaterials, and it looks like their application in supercapacitors may have a role in replacing clunky old car battery tech. Scientists at the University of Texas at Dallas have invented a technique to make supercapacitor "paper" made from randomly tangled carbon nanotubes embedded in a polymer. Both chemical batteries and capacitors store electrical charge, in differing ways, but nanotech supercapacitors could store more energy in a smaller space, without the dangers associated with chemical systems. Better yet the new technique is "easily scalable for device fabrication on an industrial scale," so it might end up in real products sooner rather than later.

Controlling light with sound:
new liquid camera lens as simple as water and vibration

A new technique for creating liquid lenses with water and sound could enable a new generation of low cost, lightweight, energy efficient cameras. This series of time-lapse photos shows how the lens, made up of two droplets of water vibrating at a high speed, changes shape and, in turn, moves in and out of focus. The time between frames is four milliseconds.

Samsung HZ1:
Skinny, Zoomy, Hi Deffy

THE Samsung HZ1 is just a 26mm thick point 'n shoot, but it manages to pack in a 10x zoom, 24mm wide angle lens and 720P HD video recording that captures at 30 frames per second. Of course there's all the other stuff you'd expect in a premium camera of this classoptical image stabilization, 10.2MP and semi-useful extras like face detectionbut we're just happy to see a small camera avoiding metallic paint for a change. Unfortunately, no word on price or availability yet.

Compiled by Mahdin Mahboob
Source: Gizmodo, Letsgodigital and Physorg websites

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