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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 88 | September 28, 2008|


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Ramadan, Eid and We

Syeda Nafisa Nawal

THE Holy month of Ramadan is back with all its religious fervour. This month is highly significant in the lives of Muslims as prolonged fasting helps conceive the spirit of sacrifice, devotion, tolerance and self-rectification. After one month of fasting in Ramadan comes 'Eid'. Eid is Allah's Niamat (divine blessing), it is a day of celebration, enjoyment and merry-making but of course in a befitting manner.

Ramadan is all about rectification of character and soul. Eid encourages acquiring the essence of brotherhood, equality and togetherness.

Surprisingly true, we only speak of such spiritual things, we never bother to observe or perform them in reality. The changing trends in our society and the fashions (ways) of celebrating Eid nowadays depict only the opposite essence of religious spirit.

I heard my parents saying how joyfully and religiously they used to celebrate Eid when they were children. How playfully and carefully each child shared and cared his/her joy and how satisfied each child remained with his/her new dress!

How harmonious Eid was at that time! But as I am growing up, I don't find anybody who feels such joy from the core of heart. This is because, Eid has become only a festival of trends, it is no longer the union of million hearts.

Until only a few years back, having an expensive and gorgeous outfit, along with all necessary accessories was the trend. Over the years, it became a ritual and criteria for competition. Recently another new trend has popped up in our society, travelling abroad on the eve of Eid. Some of the rich people today prefer to observe Eid overseas. The most popular destinations to spend Eid vacation for them are the USA, the UK, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the UAE and India.

They spend lots of money for such tours, to celebrate Eid leaving behind and their friends and relatives and responsibilities towards them. The travellers take their single unit families to different destinations abroad. Is Eid all about shopping and showing off status? Is peace all about abandoning social bonds and responsibilities and travelling to a stranger's land?

The amount spent for a trip abroad could be donated to a poor family within the society in the country. It could be donated to any orphanage or charity trust in the country with full religious festivity.

Ramadan and Eid is about praying and expressing gratitude to Allah, it's about serving humanity. But we have deviated from its essence. Our imagination, ideas and views are becoming self-centred. We are confining ourselves to selfishness.

No lone cause is responsible for such crisis of human beings. After all, the world is moving on the wheels of self-seeking! But it is high time for a change. Lets give up the habit of setting new trends every year. Let’s modify our outlook and be sympathetic to our near and dear ones. Let’s have a look at the have-nots and do something for them. Let us re-establish the essence of brotherhood, equality and togetherness.

May this Eid be an opportunity for reviving that spirit of humanity, the ultimate teachings of Ramadan and Eid.

(Student of Std.-X, Child Heaven School, Chittagong)

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