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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 88 | September 28, 2008|


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Interface with a giant, the exponent of POSDCORB

Dr. Syed Naquib Muslim

What are the functions of an executive or a manager ? The question is one but the answers may be multiple as management experts perceive the managerial role in various perspectives and the reader naturally gets puzzled.

Amongst Edexcel’s Top Ten

My times at Business Administration, Jahangirnagar

Asrar Chowdhury

Many interesting events in my life have started over a cup of tea or coffee. I was talking with Shuddha Rafiq, a faculty of Business Administration at Jahangirnagar University.

Ramadan, Eid and We

Syeda Nafisa Nawal

The Holy month of Ramadan is back with all its religious fervour.

An Architect's Dhaka

Mahbubur Rahman

Dhaka's architecture fitting its culture, climate and society took hundreds of years to evolve.

The day most awaited

Maliha Ahmed

I was staring at the food in front of me as though it was the most exquisite, most luscious and most delicious thing on earth.

SWAJON a campus based organization


Every year, thousands of people die in Bangladesh only for the shortage of blood.

The First Warcraft DOTA team crossing the borders

Ziaur Rahman Ghalib, Nusrat Jahan Pritom and Sultan Mahmud

Computer Gaming has become a part of our modern lifestyle. Many of us spend some time in front of our computer playing games everyday.

IUB Theatre participates in SUST drama festival

Afsana Sarmin Tumpa

24th August, 2008, 7.00am. Independent University (IUB) Theater Club started its journey to Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST), with 25 members from the production of “Buro Shaliker Ghare Roa”.


Rumman Fatima Nizam

It is not a surprise for us to open the days' newspaper and encounter the words 'and the body was taken to the morgue for autopsy'.

Role of Non-Profit Organizations in Developing a Sustainable World

Mohammed Rizwan Shamim

In modern societies the role of non-profit organizations has been gaining increasing significance. These organizations act as a medium for stakeholders who seek sustainable development.

Ethics, morality and objectivity of our education

Md Anwarul Kabir

A strong correlation is perceived to exist between institutionalised education and the all-pervasive corruption in our country.

Battle of Minds

Farheena Rahman

The quest to find the finalists in this year's edition of the Battle of Minds (BoM) picked up more excitement with a series of events throughout last week that witnessed bright performances from contestants across the country.

International Coastline Cleanup 2008

Munaf Mujib Chowdhury

Iubians are always keen to participate in a diverse range of activities. The International Coastline Cleanup 2008 was no exception.

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