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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 86 | September 14, 2008|


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A critical appreciation of 'critical thinking'

Dr Binoy Barman

There is always a conflict between tradition and innovation. Tradition is too heavy to nudge with innovation.

Prof. Charles Choguill's sojourn to Bangladesh

Tanvir A. Khan

“His student Quamrul Islam Siddique, the father of LGED ( who has recently passed away) organized constructing the local road in 1996 from Saturia to Pakutia, an 11 kms stretch on which he was travelling on that occasion and to this day this track has remained in one piece. The mentor Choguill felt proud that his protégé Quamrul had been involved in the highest seat of decision making and contributed enormously in the development of his country.

Landlessness and its Impact on Economic Development

Sadman Khaled Monsur

Social welfare through poverty alleviation is the first and foremost objective of any developing economy like Bangladesh.

CU Central Library
A Little World of Books…

Tabassum Mokhduma

Culture and education are two major things that identify a nation. A nation is only said to be developed when it is rich in culture and education. Libraries play a major role in this aspect. Libraries are very important in creating ideal citizens.

Salim Al Deen’s brith anniversary at JU

M.A Boshir

Jahangirnagar University, Drama and Dramatics Department, former and present students` organization 'Natto Sanatok Monch', Dhaka Theater and Shilpakala Akademy jointly observed 59th birth anniversary of eminent playwright Salim Al Deen on August 18-23, 2008.

An Architect's Dhaka

Dr. Mahbubur Rahman

Part 5
Dhaka shortly basked in the regained glory of a capital during 1905-11.

A Night of Competition, Installation & Performance

Munasir Kamal

Saturday 26th July 2008 was a busy day for the English Department Drama Society (EDDS) and for the English Department of Dhaka University as a whole.

Battle of Minds - continues

The third chapter of the Battle of Minds (BOM) took place at the East West University (EWU) with contestants of the institution fighting amongst themselves for a spot in the team that will make it to the nationals.

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