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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 85 | September 7, 2008|


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Drishty Debate Challenge 2008

Adnan Mannan

Debaters of Chiitagong city spent a day with joy, excitement and logic.

An Architect's Dhaka

Dr. Mahbubur Rahman

Part 4
Since the first publication of the theme article 'An Architect's Dhaka' on August 10, we have been receiving many encouragements, and decided to do a series.

Should women smoke?

Chand Sultana: A champion for the cause of education

Star Campus Desk

Here is a story of a noble lady who dedicated her life for spreading the light of education.

Kicking off the Battle of Minds
North South University and Dhaka University Chapters

Star Campus Desk

The kick off for the once a year extravaganza known as the Battle of Minds (2008) started this year with North South University.

A memorable evening
With monsieur sten le berrigaud

Maliha Ahmed

He was fired from school accused of being a failed musician and a failed supervisor.

Prospects of Bioinformatics in Bangladesh

Nusrat Rahman

Bioinformatics can be roughly defined as the use of computational tools to handle biological data.

Blogs: An emerging media in Bangladesh

On July 26th 2008, a mild earthquake hit Dhaka. Before any news channels, news papers or even news sites could pick up the story, it appeared in “somewhere in… blog” - a popular Bangladeshi blog community.

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