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     Volume 2 Issue 70 | August 3, 2008|


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Dumbell Shaped Sports Bottle Gives You a Thirst Quenching Workout

IT remains a question that how much of a workout you are going to get with some really light-1-pound weights, but the idea behind this Dumbell Sports Bottle design is sure appreciable. Not only would a bottle weight serve as a constant reminder about proper hydration, it would also encourage recycling. Plus, if you were to drink from the bottle, it would unbalance the weight, which could benefit your muscles by working them in unique ways. It's only a concept at this point, but if you add on some litter and gallon bottles it could perhaps be a much more viable product.

Dell's Budget But Decent Inspiron Line:
Inspiron 13 Laptop and 518 Desktop

THERE'S the all new Dell Inspiron series -- Inspiron 13 which starts under $800 (BDT 56,000 approx.), with a 13-inch "high definition display," touch controls, and a slot-loading DVD drive.

The Inspiron 13 laptop is a great choice for back to school shoppers looking for a smaller, lighter, more efficient mobile PC. With a starting weight of just under 5 pounds, the Inspiron 13 combines a simple and clean design encased in glossy Pacific blue with black trim. Smart features include a 13-inch high definition display, capacitive touch media buttons, 8-in-1 media card reader and slot-load DVD drive. Optional features include built-in wireless networking, built-in webcam and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Inspiron 518 desktop is a standard budget tower but dressed up in glossy black, starting at $349(BDT 24,430 approx.).

The Inspiron 518 desktop features a gloss-black exterior with chrome accents. Families will appreciate the top media tray with two easy-access USB ports for quick MP3 player syncing and cell-phone charging. It provides performance to meet the most typical family PC activities, like faster networking connections with Gigabit Ethernet, DX10 integrated graphics for casual gaming, optional 500GB hard drive for storing digital images and music libraries, and optional quad core processors. Both these Inspirons are available online at www.dell.com.

SimpleTech [re]drive is a 500GB Green Machine

SIMPLETECH'S [re]drive is the self-proclaimed "World's Most Eco Friendly External Drive," calling attention to its bamboo and aluminium casing, low power hard drive, energy star power adapter and lack of fan (the aluminium acts as a heat sink). Whether or not it actually is the world's greenest seems somewhat subjective, but with 500GB of space and Turbo USB 2.0 connection, it should get the job done either way. The [re]drive is currently available in US markets at $160. [BDT 11,200 approx.]

Freecom Mobile Drive XXS Is the Smallest, Lightest 2.5-inch Hard Drive

Freecom's just taken the portable hard drive crown with what they're claiming to be the smallest and lightest 2.5-inch USB drive on the market now. Their Mobile Drive XXS comes in 160GB, 250GB and 320GB sizes, and is bus-powered for one less thing you have to carry around.

Compiled by Mahdin Mahboob

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