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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 76 | July 6, 2008|


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Tech Wise

Twist and Squeeze Remote Concept Requires Two Hands

Jason Kline's gesture-based remote looks cool, but might not be practical for everyday usage! You have to adjust the volume with the left knob and the channel with the right, but there's no place to enter in buttons. It does allow you to keep going with the knob turning concept of old time TVs while still allowing you to be lazy on the couch. Not that we'd ever use it, but it might be a decent concept for people who still miss the old days!


Democratic Ecology!

Famous designer Philippe Starck recently revealed he felt a certain shame that all the things he'd designed were not essential for living. This turbine which he designed with the help of generator company Pramac, can theoretically provide a single home with 20-60% of all the electricity it needs. The name, which needs the prefix "turbo" in front of it, is "Democratic Ecology." If the performance is indeed true, at $633 (approx. BDT 44,310) it's actually a good buy indeed! Currently, its available in the US markets only.

Eclair Car with a Fiber Silicon Exterior

The aim of this concept car, designed by Alexander Kotlyarevsky is wide usage of alternative and experimental materials for the interior and exterior design. The body of the prototype is made of fiber silicon so it cannot be deformed in case of an accident and also it can change shape, modifying the configuration of the vehicle to the more spacious or more compact, depending on the preferences of use.

Eco & Ego Car Comes With A Free Plant

This peculiar looking single occupancy vehicle is called the Eco & Ego. With a quirky name like that, you can expect a lot more wackiness inside.

The idea behind this “EE” car is pets, yes pets. Not a dog or cat, but a plant. The plant sits above the engine bay in clear sight of the driver. It's hooked up to some futuristic electronics and can tell you how “polluted” you were that day. There's also an extension to the idea in that you take your plant out every time you drive, sort of like walking your dog.

This concept car, designed by Slava Saakyan, has not yet been implemented.


Compiled by Mahdin Mahboob

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