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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 76 | July 6, 2008|


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Corporate Grooming Workshop:
Behind the scenes!

Sabrina Hasan Shoily

“Hey! Are you interested in getting a free makeover from Kaniz Almas?” asked a friend of mine, a member of the North South University Social Services Club (NSUSSC).

Goodbye Bill Gates....

Compiled by Mahdin Mahboob

William Henry Gates III, popularly known as Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft, the man who had brought to us the world's most popular Operating System, 'Windows', and several times ranked as the 'richest man in the world', has retired from service.

Two alone, Two apart

Marzia Rahman

The day she was born, she changed her father's regular, daily life. He could no longer be the carefree man he used to be as she put heaps of responsibilities on his shoulder.

Grand, Gala Graduation Ceremony at BIT

Bilkis Mansoor

Bangladesh International Tutorial (BIT) is one of the renowned top English Medium Schools and known for its higher standard education, located in 10 of its own Campuses in different places in Dhaka city.

Branding Bangladesh

Md Shahidul Islam

What a country has to offer to backpackers is its overall image, or brand. Bangladesh will, one day, be chosen by the people across the world for jobs, tourism, sports and its products.

“english 4 today”
Excerpts from the keynote speech

Prof. Shireen Huq

He theme for today's conference is “english 4 today”. The spelling, I have been told by formidable persons with Johnsonian authority, is “not the thing” for a formal affair like a conference!

Monsooner's Fiction workshop 2008

Sarah Z H

When it comes to Dr. Kazi Anis Ahmed, Director of academic affairs ULAB (University of Liberal Arts), the idea of a fiction workshop is as vital as being fond of writing and willing to reach out to different reader groups through publications.

Experiencing the trivia of personal computers


It has been quite some time now that computers are being widely used in Bangladesh.

Space: a bad influence on microbes?

Zakaria Ahmed

Life is a bit different in space, even for microbes. Creatures were found living on the space station before the first astronauts went inside, such as viruses and fungi.

Born to be opportunist

Dr Binoy Barman

Recently a physician, specialist in the diseases of children, has told me that little babies are great opportunists.

My favourite season?

Zannatul Lamea

Back in schooldays, when my teacher would give me this topic to write an essay or a paragraph, without any second thought, I would start scribbling on the copy and continue writing till my imagination ended.

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