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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 74 | June 22 , 2008|


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Shopping for love

A.H.M Ershad Uddin

Many of us have, at one point or another, shopped for something on the Internet.

Concept and Reality-II
PR Department / Job title in various organizations

Obaidullah Al Zakir

The name of PR departments and job title/designations are different in organizations.

10 Days in Manikganj

Tahsin Hassan Bini

LFE (Live-in-Field Experience) is an academic course of Independent University Bangladesh (IUB).

A Memorable Journey to Malaysia

Fariha Shafi

It was midnight. The milieu inside Zia International Airport was vibrant with flight timings flashing on the boards all over the airport.

Hospital Pharmacy in Bangladesh

Mithilesh Kumar Jha

Today the practicing pharmacist spends most of his time filling orders, checking adverse drug interactions and answering questions in every sphere of the modern world,

“We love debate…”
CU's success story at AUDC 2008

Tabassum Mokhduma

Debate is regarded as a thought generating creative tool for nurturing unfettered intellect.

Our Earth, Our Responsibility

Joydeep Sarkar

Student Leadership Institute Alumni Association, Bangladesh (SLIAA, B) and Bangladesh Education and Resource Network (bEARN) jointly organised a documentary show entitled 'An Inconvenient Truth' observing the World Environment Day on Thursday, June 5 2008.

AIUB's rocking freshers' welcome

Arif Nayan

The students and teachers of AIUB's English and Mass Communication departments put up a sizzling display of creativity and entertainment in the Freshers' Acquaintance Party organised by the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS) on 15 June, Sunday, at the AIUB auditorium.

New branch of Alliance Française opens at Uttara

Shakhawat Hossain

Alliance Française (AF) de Dacca is one of the links of a vast network of 1071 AFs across the world representing French culture to the whole world.

IUB moves ahead with its 12th Convocation

A F Mujtahid

With the impeccable rendering of Rabindranath's immortal song “Anondo lokey mongol alokey birajo” by the IUB choir group welcoming the graduating students and all others in the Convocation Hall,

Active Learning workshop

Star Campus Report

The University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh is one of the first universities in the country to be strongly promoting an understanding of sustainable development for all of its students, and linking this to the development of more active styles of learning.

Take a chill pill

Zannatul Lamea

Student life is bombarded with activities. The more the activity, the more comes stress as an unwanted sideline.

Some Young Debaters of Chittagong

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