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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 68 | May 11 , 2008|


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Photo Feature

Tale of Two Bulbulis

It is the tale of man's blatant encroachment on the habitat of two beautiful Bulbuli birds. They lived on a tree in a residential area of the city, so much in love with each other. They dreamt of having children one day. But the cruel axe of some men cut the tree down without even bothering to know where the two birds would go. They found a safe haven in the balcony of a kind man's house next door. Mr Aslam Khaleel made sure that the birds were not disturbed. They built a nest and lived there. One day the lady bird laid eggs and soon two nestlings emerged to the glee of the parents. The mother bird collected food for the babies and fed them with great care. A time came when the babies could spread their wings. The day came when they flew out of the nest and sat on the grill to take a look at the world outside. The mother bird told them stories of the vast sky and the trees in the distance. The babies were now eager to spread their wings in the air and feel the thrill of flying. One day they dared to fly out.

(Sequence of photos were taken by Mr Aslam Khaleel. Email: khaleels@daffodilnet.com)

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