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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 66 | April 27, 2008|


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A Graduation Address by a Bangladeshi teacher

Manzur M. Murshed

Mr. Chancellor, Mr. Vice Chancellor, Distinguished Guests, Colleagues, and Dear Graduands, Good afternoon. I would like to thank the University for the honour of addressing you on this very special day.

International School Dhaka
All round education at its best!

Mahdin Mahboob

The International School Dhaka was established in 1999 with the sole motive of providing an all-round education for its students.

CPDS supports students

Zannatul Lamea

The golden deer of student life - "a good job" , is what most of us thrive for , during and after our completion of studies.

Behind the panorama of Mongol Shobhajatra

Taslima Rawshan Tinni

Baishakhi Mela is the mirror of our traditional culture. Baishakhi fair is arranged in many parts of the country.

AIESEC's Meet the Leaders 2008

Nazia Ahmed

“Are you talking about the leaders?
Or are you talking TO the leaders?” was the punch line of AIESEC's 'Meet the Leaders 2008' tag line on the flyers that grabbed the attention of hundreds of students, for a seminar which was held on the 1st of April in the indoor games room of BRAC University.

Overseas students at JIMC

Prosenjit Mazumder

Bangladesh has a large population, but the educational facility for this huge population is very limited.

Viqarunnisa Noon Science Fair

Ahlan Sabah Ferdous

Viqarunnisa Noon Science Club organised its 12th science festival with a motto to tackle natural disasters.

Starring: Biggest Youth Summit

Eeman Ahmed

The time is finally here. North South University Debate Club is bringing the All Asian Inter Varsity Debate Championship, not only to Bangladesh, but to South Asia for the first time ever!

Shamsur Rahman Chowdhury-
An amiable intellectual

Toppa Chowdhury

It was an early morning in the Bengali month of “Ashar''. I got a phone call that Prof. Shamsur Rahman Chowdhury is no more with us.

Prof. Kabir Choudhury at the Star Campus - ETC adda

Mahdin Mahboob

Having National Professor Kabir Choudhury in the midst of a small congregation of university students was already an attractive bargain, and when he decided to narrate a beautiful story, it came as a bonus to the eager young people.

Deb ate or death?

Omar Khasru

An extensive survey of the top US Business executives revealed that death, collectively to them, was only the second most frightening happening.

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