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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 66 | April 27, 2008|


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Faujdarhat Cadet College
A Legacy of Learning

M Anwarul Haq

Only ten kilometers from Chittagong city as you move on the Grand Trunk Road towards Dhaka, you cannot fail to miss the huge grandeur of buildings and an elaborate linkage of playfields from rugby to football, hockey to basketball, cricket to squash and lawn tennis.

The Keep Cadet College Campaign

M Anwarul Haq

In Early 1972, the then government of Bangladesh intended to abolish cadet colleges under the erroneous impression that these institutions were for rich parents' kids.

Faujdarhat Cadet College and its contribution to society

The world has undergone numerous historic revolutions. The first industrial revolution came in the 18th century and the second in the 20th.


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