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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 64 | April 13 , 2008|


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What Pahela Baishakh means to me…

Shamma M. Raghib

Pahela Baishakh to me is endless hullabaloo of colors, cheerful kids running around in pretty garments, birds dancing in the cool breeze, the sun shadowed by a whisk of dark clouds, only to light up the sky now and then.

Programming Skill of Bangladeshi Students

M Kaykobad

Past governments have identified that information technology has the potential of changing the fate of the country and its common mass and therefore, declared it as a thrust sector.

Adda at ETC

Marzia Rahman

Today I want to share the wonderful experiences with the readers that we gathered at the 'adda' at ETC organized by 'Star Campus'.

Combined ranklist Bangladesh Informatics Olympiad

Takshashila-The world's first university

Abdul Mannan

There is some disagreement whether the great seat of learning once situated in Takshashila can be considered a university in the modern sense of the term.

BRACU students install Water Purifier at Korail, Mohakhali

Fahim Mostafa

A three member team of BRAC university environmental awareness forum, BUEAF comprising of Salzar Rahman, Syed Mehboob Hossain and myself had the opportunity to do some community service experience back in January.

Rajasthan: The colourful Indian state

Dr. Tanvir A. Khan with Mr. Mohammad Siraj Uddin

“There is never a wrong time to take the right decision” so goes the adage. You should always live to make a difference.

A Shirshendu Mukhopaddhay Evening

Rahad Abir

All the chairs were filled up. A full audience remained enchanted as Shirshendu Mukhopaddhay, the eminent Indian-Bangla writer spoke on various topics.

Cox's Bazar revisited

Shahidul Islam (Bachchu)

Cox's Bazar is always an inviting city. No matter how many times you have been there in your lifetime, it appears refreshing and riveting all the time.

Civil Engineering Festival at BUET

Feeda Hasan Shahed

Students of the department of Civil Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and technology (BUET) recently organized the 'Civil Engineering Festival 2008' on the 2nd and 3rd of April.

Charlton Heston is no more

Star Campus Desk

Nancy Reagan was heartbroken over Charlton Heston's death. President Bush hailed him as a "strong advocate for liberty," while John McCain called Heston a devotee for civil and constitutional rights.

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