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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 64 | April 13 , 2008|


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44th Convocation of Dhaka University

The much-awaited 44th Convocation Ceremony of the country's premier alma mater, University of Dhaka was held on 7th April at the Dhaka University Sports Ground. The convocation formally began at 10 a.m. with the convocation procession led by the President and Chancellor of Dhaka University Prof. Dr. Iazuddin Ahmed followed by the National Anthem. The procession started from the Curzon Hall and ended at the university gymnasium ground. After the honourable Chancellor's declaration of the opening of the convocation, Language Movement veterans ANM Gaziul Haque and Abdul Matin were awarded with Doctor of Law degrees. Language Movement veteran ANM Gaziul Haque's award was received by his son Rahul Gazi with his wife Shirin Akhter, and their two daughters Sujata Haque and Sutonuka Haque.

Soon after that, PhD degrees and MPhil degrees were conferred upon the students. From this ceremony, around 3,885 graduates and post-graduates--1,843 male and 2,042 females - received their certificates. Twenty-four students received M Phil degrees, 29 PhD degrees and 52 students were given gold medals for their outstanding results.

Speaking on the Convocation Ceremony, Dhaka University Vice-chancellor Prof SMA Faiz said the university's main aim is to spread knowledge and uphold social and historical values. On many critical moments and through hard times of the country, Dhaka University played a crucial role by being at the side of the people of the country. In the language movement its dazzling history represents the pride of the nation and the country.

As the Convocation speaker Language veteran Abdul Matin said, “I don't know whether I am capable of receiving the Doctor of Laws degree, but I think it is not my award. It is an achievement of the Language Movement and Bangla as a language.” He further mentioned that for protesting Urdu as the national language he was expelled from the university but he never left the Modhur Canteen and was preparing himself for further protests. He said the dream that he saw at '52 has carried toward '71 and has not yet been materialized. Today's young graduates can materialize those unfinished and precious dreams. He suggested forming a commission comprising of university teachers, linguists, politicians, writers, intellectuals, journalists and scholars to establish our mother language Bangla at all levels.

"It is regrettable that our mother language is yet to be established at all levels. For this reason, a commission will have to be formed. Based on the reports of the commission, necessary measures will have to be taken so that Bangla can be used in all spheres," he said during the ceremony.

Language Movement veteran ANM Gaziul Haque's speech was read out on his behalf as he could not attend the ceremony due to illness.

The president and chancellor of Dhaka University Iajuddin Ahmed gave a speech on the occasion. During his speech, he emphasized the importance of English in higher education alongside Bangla.

"Like many others, I also personally want that our mother language has its place in academic activities of the universities. But, at the same time considering globalization and internationalism of English, English has to be given emphasis in higher education," he said.

Expressing his concern over session jam at public universities, he said the education system at universities has to be drastically reformed so that after graduating, people can help widen the nation's vision and foster learning and culture.

He said public universities should take some precautionary steps so that people of the country are not deprived due to session jams since a large part of their contribution to the exchequer is spent on the universities.

He suggested running the public universities with the involvement of guardians along side teachers, students, officials and employees.

The Chancellor stressed the need for universities to support a knowledge-based society and nurture knowledge-oriented individuals who can transcend the boundaries of the country.

The success and fame of a university depends on its students and teachers, he said adding that the works and researches by university teachers spread the good reputation of the university.

Referring to the glorious history of Dhaka University, the president said, "I hope the contribution of Dhaka University in the forward march of the nation to a brighter future would be even stronger." Addressing those who received degrees, the Chancellor said, "Getting a certificate just to get a job should not be the ultimate aim of education. The significance of this achievement is far-reaching. I hope all will remain active and alert in discharging their responsibilities in their respective fields."

Pro-vice chancellor Prof AFM Yusuf Haider also gave a speech at the ceremony. He thanked the Chancellor, the convocation speakers, vice-chancellor, treasurer the deans and teachers from all the faculties and all the staffs of the Dhaka University.

Acting Registrar of Dhaka University Rezaur Rahman was the Master of Ceremony.

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My Convocation-An unforgettable experience

Feeda Hasan Shahed

When I first went to school to be educated, I was only 5 years old. As far as I can remember, school wasn't my favourite place until I went upto Grade Four. Then I became more interested in games and sports rather than being involved in studies.

As time passed by, I slowly realized the importance of education and in a very short time I started dreaming that in future I will study in the best university of the country and achieve a higher degree. When I was in Grade Nine, I understood the significance of the word 'Graduate' and gave a serious thought about achieving one. I saw many pictures of the graduates in newspapers and had seen many movies where people become graduates and receive convocations wearing special gowns and hats. Viewing those I started dreaming about me being a graduate in future.

To be honest I was more interested in wearing the gown and the hat than the degree because at that point of time that's all that mattered to me.

In the course of time I came to know the social and practical implication of being a graduate as I saw people within my family are earning more respect, more interest. Some of them got married. And they are finding jobs easily after earning the degree.

After my HSC, when I first went to the university I was more or less a relaxed person because I was carrying an impression that I have got admitted in the best university of the country. I started enjoying my life as a student and also started building a dream to be a graduate after 4 years. My student life in Dhaka University has taught many things and I became conscious about my career for better future and a secured earning life.

Reaching the final year of my BBA, I became very excited by the thought that my days of waiting are finally going to be over and soon I am going to achieve my graduation. I came to realize the value of being a graduate.

I understood after four years of my education that it is not just a ceremony where I put on a gown and a hat to have pictures with my friends and family for a sweet memory. It is the way by which I will be able to serve my country better from a well-known position. Not only that, being a graduate means I am capable of carrying on my higher studies. It is the only bridge that allowed me to build my career and side by side opened the door for higher education.

When I stood on the line at 8 in the morning, I felt so proud and excited that I could hardly resist myself from running towards the Convocation venue. Before entering in the main arena, I started taking pictures with my friends on the line with whom I spent my four years in the university. I was given the brochure with a bottle of drinking water before taking my seat. I enjoyed the whole program with a thrilling heart. As my name was pronounced I found it as the greatest inspiration on my life so far. As the Chancellor declared the closing of the ceremony like my friends, I threw my hat high enchanting the words "Hip Hip Hurray!" This is the memory that I will recall for the rest of my life: the most valuable achievement, my very first Convocation- my path towards a bright future!

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