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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 57 | February 24 , 2008|


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Ekusher Chetona

Reunion of Batch 2002

Ai! Kemon achis?... Koto din pore dekha!... Tui ato shukia gechis keno?. . . Toke ja lagche na ,fatafati. . .

A guide to report writing part III Structure of a formal report

Siddique Hayat Khan

In a way your internship report is different from other types of reports. Since you'll produce this report after having been involved with an organization,

Star Campus Drishty Debate for Generation Next '08

Masudur Rahman

With an oath to make our future generation aware and be proud of our liberation war heroes and martyrs, the inter-class debate championship, entitled Star Campus Drishty Debate for Generation Next '08 concluded its tour at Radiant School and College on the 10th of this month.

SMS advertising: emerging as a new medium

Mahbuba Kanij

Cell phone subscribers have become a new window for advertisers to send their messages to their target customers through SMS.

The pleasure of cooking

Tahsin Manzoor Hussain

Contentment, satisfaction, gratification and pleasure from cooking can be achieved without much hassle.

Life of contradiction

Dr Binoy Barman

Human life is full of contradictions. Being human per se appears to be contradictory.

Valentine's Day! Differently

Sabbir Ahmed Osmani

A spring afternoon! The sky put on an azure saree to be a part of the romancing mood to coax loners like me, sitting in a corner of TSC, watching people enjoying their precious time!

My days in SAU

Sayeda Mushfika Munira

I was going through a very hard time when I failed to get admitted in any government medical college this year.

Jolshiri's Cultural Festival at JU

Sarwat Tarannum Nadia

A weeklong cultural festival arranged by Jolshiri, one among the numerous cultural organisations of Jahangirnagar University,


Points to Ponder!

Mahdin Mahboob

"No! Too much traffic jam on that side!”
“No! I've run out of gas - need to refill!”

The Ultimate Patience Test
Driving in Dhaka City

Munaiba Salam

During a discussion on roads, driving directions and the American left-hand drive, in a training course in England,

Basant: A kite flying festival

Marzia Rahman

Every country has its different unique festivals and occasions.

Books One's Best Friend

Shatabdi Biswas

In a layman's words, a book is some pages bound together with a cover which gives us immense knowledge about a certain topic.


Wrishi Thakur Raphael

'Oh please!! You are playing the ghost of Jacob Marley, but you look more scared than a toddler on his first day in kindergarten!! Back to the shades, now...!'



It was early January in the year 1994, when a kid entered a school. Many of you might have heard about the place.

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