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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 56 | February 17, 2008|


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Expectations and views of First Time Voters

Taslima Rawshan Tinni

We, the first time voters of our country are all very excited about the upcoming election. The whole procedure of enlisting voters and the registration for the national identification are new to us. Here is a short glimpse of what the young people are thinking about the elections:

Bangladesh is a democratic country. In every five years, we the people of Bangladesh get the opportunity to select representatives of parliament of our country. This is the very first time I have got the opportunity to be a voter. So, I am very excited and I feel proud for being a part of this process. As a citizen of Bangladesh I want to give my vote to that person who is honest, responsible, punctual, promising and modest, who will dedicate himself for the welfare of our country as well as the people.
Nur Hasnat Munni
Dept. Of Physics, Dhaka University

It was a great experience to be enlisted in the national voter list. I feel some kind of national responsibility has been rested upon me. So, it is my duty to make the proper use of my vote to select an eligible person to represent my voting area.
Shahriar Azad
A' Levels Student

Becoming a voter for the first time is obviously a thrilling experience, though I had few questions regarding the possibilities of election. The overall system or the process of preparing a voter ID as well as national ID card was satisfactory. But there were some mismanagement in their works. However, the procedure also reminds me that I am now a responsible citizen of this country who has some bindings and accountability toward the nation for selecting a worthy public representative.
Mir Naqibul Islam

I am little bit excited because now I m a voter of my country. As a voter I have some responsibilities to my country and people. Voters are those people who elect a government for five years. And a government plans and works for the development of the country so ultimately I have the responsibility of contributing to the country's development. So I will give my vote to that candidate who will be honest and worthy.
Tanvir Haider Shubho
North South University

I have been registered as a voter for the first time. The concept of voter ID is also a new one to the people of Bangladesh. The whole procedure was simple and hassle free. Now I have the responsibility of choosing the right and capable person as a representative of our area. But before that right kind of persons need to be given nomination by the political parties. For that reason the person should be qualified and pass all requirements of the Election Commission. Only then I believe that I can contribute to this election through my vote. I am expecting that the election will be held very soon according to my dream unless our fate will remain same.
Md. Sikander Julkarnine
East West University

This is for the first time I have become a voter so I am very exited and I feel I am a true citizen of my country. I expect that the next government will not engage in corruption and protect us from political violence. Political parties should ensure that all the candidates fulfill the criteria put forward by the election commission.
Md. Jittam Mridha
London College of Legal Studies

(The writer is a student of Dept. of AIS, DU)

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