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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 56 | February 17, 2008|


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What do we want from this election
Opinion of some first time voters

Feeda Hasan Shahed

Alamgir Khair Monir from the Sociology Department expressed his views as to why there should be three to four candidates in each constituency to uphold their points about why they will be the right candidates for the post. He said, “I came to know about this US election procedure through TV. They have to prove their competency. Besides, political parties should allow candidates who will be honest and educated.”

Sharifuzzaman from the Management Department said “There is no alternative to having educated candidates, because without education the candidates will not be able to apply the sense of quality leadership to serve or work for the general people. They should be honest and committed.”

Computer Science student Sohel Rana said “There will be a free and fair election if there are no godfathers around, I guess.”

Sonjoy Sarker and Fahad Karim from Accounting Department are optimistic about a free and fare election. They said, “ If the present status remains the same till the election then it would be possible. Candidates may be selected through taking public opinion.”

Quazi Kamruzzaman is very interested to see the election results. “I have decided to vote for a particular side that I voted last time. But I am not sure whether they will succeed this year. I have no other parties in mind. All my expectations are centering on that particular party.

Saifuddin from the Social Welfare Department said, “I don't believe that there will be any free and fair election unless the candidates are rightly chosen by the political parties themselves. Because if a party gives nomination to people who are not right for the position, there cannot be any results….”

Mofazzel Hossain from Women Studies Department said, “I'll vote for the person who will ensure proper initiatives to solve the problems of leading the country that no one has ever done before. I would like to see a man rather a woman as a leader of the country”

Touhidul Islam Chowdhury, from International Relationship Department said “I am very excited to be a voter for the first time and this will be my first vote in the capital of the city. But at the same time students shouldn't take part in any political activities on campus.”

Arif Billah from the Institute of Education and Research said, “The Election Commission should give importance to the voters of both town and village for the proper execution of voting rights so that no one's right is violated.”

Rasheduzzaman Mojumdar from the Law Department said, “The nation is tired of seeing leaders failing one after another. As a citizen, I am also frustrated. I would rather stay home on the day of election!”

Boni Amin from Banking Department said, “We students should think of building ourselves with proper education rather than waste our time in politics. If we can build ourselves we will also be good leaders to guide the nation.”

The Mohsin Hall students are very relaxed and happy to become voters. A huge majority of the first and second year students became voters for the first time. More or less everyone is excited to go to the polling centres and cast their votes according to his her choice as the DU students very much feel the urgency and necessity of a free and fair election.

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