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     Volume 2 Issue 56 | February 17, 2008|


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"This will be the first time I'll cast my vote as a citizen.
I want a transparent, corruption free, proper election."


Along awaited election is nearing us, through which we hope to find out leaders who will take the country to a new level of prosperity. I will cast my vote in this election; I will select the person who will represent the nation in parliament, who will work for the well being of the commoners. I asked my friends, classmates, neighbours who became first time voters, about their thoughts, hopes and expectations from the election. This is what they said...

“I became a voter a couple of weeks ago. The national identification in this regard is also important. It is a good initiative of the government that needs to be praised. These things should have been done many years ago. From my point of view political unwillingness and unrest is behind this delay. I have nothing to expect from either the upcoming election or the local MP. Almost in every case the MPs are corrupt or become corrupt and the parliament becomes just a show piece- having nothing to do for the betterment of the people. I wish from the core of my heart that this will not happen after this election.”
Afrin Sultana
Dhaka Medical College

“I earnestly want that the upcoming election will be free and fair. Neutrality will be the cornerstone of this election. And the MPs who will be elected will work for the country, not for the interest of their own. Unlike the previous political government, there should be transparency and accountability in every stage of administration and government. The general people won't be deprived from the basic needs. The elected government should work to cut down the price hike of necessary commodities. In fine the government should be of the people, by the people and for the people.”
Tazrina Al Razi
Rajshahi Medical College

“ A year back our political situation was very serious. Two political parties created tension to turn holding of the election in doubt. But after 11 January 2007, when the caretaker government came to power, the election commission became effective. The process of being a voter was something new, such as registration, photograph, national ID card etc. This will be the first time I'll cast my vote as a citizen. I want a transparent, corruption free, proper election. I want such a leader who is really a patriot. So I think a fair election is very important for political stability and the first condition for economic prosperity.”
Fatema Hoque
Dept. of Public Administration
University of Dhaka

“I didn't become a voter last year, because I found no interest in it. Whoever gets elected, it will not change the scenario of Bangladesh. Corruption will be everywhere. I do not wish to be a voter. But I always wanted a fair government, without corruption, making Bangladesh a prosperous country in the world. I am an Engineering student. I want to see development in the industrial sector. It is the duty of our policy makers. But they seem too busy making money using their political influences. I will vote for the next government. I hope caretaker govt. will not allow any corrupt man to stand up for any party and will take initiatives to punish corrupt people. I want to see a fair election and a corruption free prosperous Bangladesh.”
Md. Faysal Ahmed Khan
Dept. of Chemical Engineering

“From the anti corruption drive of the present government and from the horrifying news published in different newspapers, it has become crystal clear that all the past governments were corrupt. They just used their power and started looting people's resources. From top to bottom all have shares in that vandalism. In these circumstances there will be no alternative before me to vote another party, because the same parties or persons are about to get the nomination. I have to vote one of the parties which are already corrupt. So the present government should make a list showing which persons are less corrupt, so from the list I can choose and vote for the least corrupt person. In a basket of ten apples, if eight are rotten, then we say it is a basket full of rotten apples, isn't it?”
Dept. of Accounting & Information Systems
University of Dhaka

“As I am a first time voter in the up coming election I have a lot of expectations from it. I expect this election to be fair enough to be accepted by all political parties. This election will be free from the clutch of black money, use of muscle power and other forms of corruption which are familiar to us from the previous elections. I also expect from our future MPs to be honest, educated and good human being who have good intention to serve the nation rather than making money. I think it is possible if the present government takes initiatives regarding the election process. Let's hope for the best.”
Hedayat Ullah
Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Dhaka

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