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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 55 | February 10 , 2008|


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Tahsin Manzoor Hussain

HAVE you ever thought about thinking? Confused? Let me try making it simpler. Have you ever thought about thinking about yourself, giving yourself time, recollecting your thoughts, and find answers to the thousand questions which make your life incomplete?

It's pretty simple. I have seen that people seem to have all the time for all the things, which are not necessary, but they never do, or want to give time to themselves. This is however not very unexpected because the more you think; the more you know, and the more you know; the more you understand, and the more you understand; the more you want to know, and the more you want to know; the more problems arise.

The point of me writing all this is that I am a victim of thought I am a victim of realization I am a victim of the unnecessary. It is my honest belief that emotions are the driving force of all humans. That's true for me at least. It is startling how things change in and around me, how the world is evolving to give rise to a brand new day, yet how my feelings about things seem to keep constant. There, however, does come a time when I suddenly stop thinking, the world goes on and I stand alone, and realize the meaning of reality. That is when I realize that my feelings do not always keep constant, and reality doesn't abide by feelings. My thoughts are so contrasting that at times I feel suffocated. None of you readers will ever agree to these probably but I share what seems true to me what seems real to me.

Whenever I think, every hidden notion and every open reverie seems to come out of me. The smallest thought, the greatest fear, the slightest of doubts, or the endless tears … feelings tend to speak. Thought, I believe, gets you into deep pitfalls, where the darkness becomes your only source of light, then when your feelings make you strong outside with a shattered inside, you actually rise out and face the day, where even in the light you are in the dark, uncertain about what to do, what to feel, but that's life, its just feelings.

I would want to see the reaction of anyone who reads this to the following question. Have you ever sat in the corner of a dark room, alone? I think majority of the answers to this would be a 'no'. I have done so, and when you see nothing and hear nothing except for your heart beating a lot of thoughts do tend to pour into your mind. What I could figure from doing such a thing is very philosophic, but very real too.

Every step is an experience for a person ... regardless of their age. But the world has many kinds of people and some people seem to take leaps rather than steps, if you get what I mean. People often forget their own selves and get lost in life and its wonders ... they often wander in a different soul ... leaving their own self in dismay. Most people are very oblivious to what they are. Life is just a passing test ... till death arrives. A successful person in my eyes is that man, who can understand his own self in his lifetime. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that we all unconsciously feel that we are living in a dream-world. We need to wake up. We need to look around, we need to know ourselves, and it's for our own good. Well, I am giving you some advice; take it if you're crazy enough. Think to yourself sometimes.

However, the more you get to know yourself, the more you find yourself out of place with others in this world. You will find yourself seeing and understand stuff, which most people wouldn't even think of. That is the difference with a person who understands himself ... and a person who tries understanding others before they know their own selves. Think about stuff, which you know you have. That is when you will realize its importance. This life has a lot to give, but we don't take much from it, and yet we blame life for not giving us what we want to have.

There also comes a time, when there's something right, and we feel content with life. It all comes back to another old but golden saying ... everything has two sides. The relation to this being, when there's something wrong, there has to be something right. See, we don't get everything we want, that's why they are called 'wants'. If there is something that can deject you away from everything, there has to be something that can bring you back to being at ease too. It's only because people who are optimists think too much about the good, and people who are pessimists who think too much about the bad. The definition of a man who is practical has to be a 'realist'. This is another thing I learnt from thinking! A realist, as I think of myself to be, will be hoping for the best, keeping in mind what could become the cause of a drawback. Life isn't always sweet, nor is it always bitter. With the days going by, and a man's age increasing, his wisdom increases too. Everyone learns from experience.

With that stated, I am more than sure you think I'm insane. I don't think so, because I have thought about it. Think to yourself, maybe you will end up agreeing to my thoughts. If not, then perhaps you have something even stranger than me in your mind.

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