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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 53 | January 27, 2008|


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Sinha Ibne Humayun
Setting an international record

Zannatul Lamea

28th WUDC 2008
Timeline : December 27, 2007- January 4, 2008
Venue : Assumption University, Thailand

What was it about? Was it about those brainstorming prep-times for substantial strategy developments?

Words of appreciation from NSU VC

Zannatul Lamea

When something of such great magnitude is achieved, the euphoria and ecstasy do not remain constrained in a limited arena, it keeps on spreading, connecting all the people who really matter.

Centenary of AMC College, Mymensingh

Aminul Islam

The year long centenary programme of Government Ananda Mohan College started with a colourful rally from the college campus on January 1, 2008.

Bobby Fischer's death
The “chess wolf” resigns!

The “skinny kid” who appeared on the American chess scene in the early 1950's was a fiercely attacking player, never happy with anything less than a smashing victory!

Free Falling

Nabil Shahidi

In August 2007 a group of North South University (NSU) architecture students went on its first expedition to India and Nepal to find out what the new generation was doing and especially what the students of architecture were doing.

Bangladesh: My Country, My Pride

Tabassum Mokhduma

Among the social evils that bother me most is the pervasiveness of violence against women in Bangladesh.

Discovering Bhutan- the land of the peaceful dragon

Marzia Rahman

I strongly believe in the saying, “The world is like a book and those who do not travel, read only a chapter of it.”

Star Campus - Drishty Debate Competition

Masud Bakul

To bid adieu to corruption the event of Star Campus-Drishty Debate for Generation Next'08 in Mastermind International School has concluded on a happy note.

Debate in Chittagong 2007:
On a new illuminated way

Adnan mannan

After 2007 we have another new year on the page of our calendar. In 2007 debating events held in Chittagong had some new dimensions and additions.

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