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     Volume 2 Issue 52 | January 20 , 2008|


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Popularly described as the tourism capital of Bangladesh, Cox's Bazar is like a paradise for beach lovers. It is a small district town but breathtakingly beautiful natural beauty of Bangladesh. It offers a range of tourism options for its visitors, like backwaters, water fun, adventure, sea cruises, picnic pleasure; fun filled sailing, horse riding along the beach, river cruises, water motoring, sightseeing of magnificent fishery ghat, green forests and ancient Buddhist temples etc. It never fails to enchant its visitors with its various tourism options. This is why Cox's Bazar tourism is popular among tourists from all over Bangladesh even for foreign tourists.

During your Cox's Bazar tour you will have an excellent opportunity to visit magnificent Himchari water fall, ancient Buddhist temples, marine museums, etc besides exotic beaches. You can experience culture and tradition of the region during your tour. You can also pamper yourself in music and dance celebrations which are celebrated at exotic beaches. You can also enjoy adventure sports, water funs, river cruises, sea cruises etc. Surely these activities will make your Cox's Bazar trip memorable.

The gorgeous land of Cox's Bazar is also a favourite destination among honeymooners. Newly wed couples love to come to Cox's Bazar to strengthen their bond. Cox's Bazar offers an unmatched blend of breathtaking and romantic beaches and posh and affordable hotels which make their trip to Cox's Bazar memorable moment of a lifetime. Enjoying honeymoon here enhances the love bond between couples. It doesn't matter; in whatever season you are going to be here, it is the all time favorite destination.

If you are new to Cox's Bazar and want to seek assistance of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation and other travel agents. Travel agents in Dhaka and Cox's Bazar can assist you in more and more preferred way because agents are aware of everything about the region. They also offer Cox's Bazar tour packages and organize Cox's Bazar trips. But before opting services of travel agents you may also want to find out about their reliability and quality of their tour packages. Keeping in mind your budget; travel agents also offer Cox's Bazar budget tour packages which make your Cox's Bazar travels cost effective.

If you come to Cox's Bazar tours with enough time, you can positively prolong your tours to mystic Teknuf and amazing Saint Martin. Every inch there is awaiting you to entertain eternally. The crossing of The Bay of Bengal through Naf River for embarking on Saint Martin will make you feel the passenger of heaven.

(Teaches tourism at National Hotel and Tourism Training Institute Email: mohd-s-islam@myway.com)

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