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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 51 | January 13 , 2008|


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Venn NDF 1st Rajshahi Divisional debate Workshop 2007
A razzmatazz of artistic speech

Feeda Hasan Shahed

Debating is considered a battle of the minds. A healthy competition that helps enriching the mental faculties like quick thinking, reasoning and presentation. On December 7th 2007, Rajshahi witnessed such a daylong exhibition of debate organized by the National Debate Federation Bangladesh. Sponsored by Venn cell phone and ably organized by Group of liberal debaters (GOLD) and Debating Forum, Rajshahi Medical College, the festival drew an enthusiastic participation of more than 600 students from Rajshahi Medical College, Rajshahi University and RUET. And with the attendance of eminent personalities from esteemed institutions in Rajshahi, the festival took a glamorous outfit. Among the guests was Dr. Fazlur Rahman, Principal RMC, Dr. Mahbubur Rashid, Vice-Principal RMC, Dr. ASM Saifuddin Ekram, moderator of RMC debating Club, and Ashit Kumar MukutMoni, Additional Commissioner, Rajshahi Division were present.

It was a freezing night when I reached Rajshahi with the NDF Team. But the train journey was a fascinating one as the members of NDF were nothing less than a fun house. Cooler than Dhaka, the city suddenly brought relaxation in me as it is bit calm and silent. The venue couldn't be better for a whole day debate competition.

After preparing myself for the daylong program, I went and participated in the anti-drug rally, which started in the morning. Then there was a debate presentation in NDF BD model subjected “Globalization is Hampering Cultural Diversity”. The show was a fabulous presentation of fragmented words, which created a touching impact among the audiences. Then a workshop took place explaining the different models of debate to the dedicated young debaters in Rajshahi. The spectators felt very interested and participated in question answer sessions. After that another Debate presentation was held in Parliamentary format. At 12.30 Tanjim Uddin khan, Moderator-NDF BD and Assistant Professor, International Relations, DU ran a workshop on preparation of debates, related studies and debate script preparation. Apart from the debates, other programs also went on side-by-side that included rally, workshop, stage debate (in two different models), a fun debate and a planchette Debate.

Then there was public speaking competition followed by another workshop on World Debate and things to do. Shamim Reza, Assistant Professor, department of Journalism and Mass Communication conducted the workshop. The most interesting part of the daylong program was the planchette debate participated by the NDF BDS members. Princess Diana, Meer Jafar and the Hitler characters were highly appreciated among the present audience. And of course, A K M Shoaib, the chair of the NDF BD created an appalling environment with his exceptional vocal arts.

In the end the prize distribution program took place with youthful joys and great excitement. Dr. Mahbubur Rashid, Vice-Principal RMC, Dr. ASM Saifuddin Ekram, Moderator of RMC debating Club and A K M Shoaib, Chairman of NDF-BD gave away the prizes among the electrifying young debate talents.

A K M Shoaib rightly mentioned that this festival was a congregation of freethinking moderate people who want to shed off all stagnancy of thoughts and become modern global human beings. He further narrated how NDF-BD members had been relentlessly giving their all-out labor in making this festival successful. It was no easy job, as anyone present there would admit.

And due to the efforts of so many diehard NDF-BD members, the Venn NDF 1st Rajshahi Divisional debate Workshop 2007" in Rajshahi flourished to its expected mark.

It should be mentioned that prior to this Workshop, NDF-BD successfully organized mega events like First National Hill Debate Festival in Rangamati (2005) and the BRB cables NDF BD 3rd National Debate Festival 2007 among others. It is evident from these activities why NDF-BD has been a prime organization in fostering the debate culture in this country. While extending out sincere support to NDF-BD's great effort, we also congratulate the tens of thousands debate-practicing young people all over the country because they are the ones who would soon build the much desired enlightened, spirited and non-partisan Bangladeshi society.

The program ended and we started another journey towards Dhaka. It was a tiring journey but filled with lots of excitement, touchy memories and mind-boggling fun.

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