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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 51 | January 13 , 2008|


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Historic Rangpur Zila School - 175 years

Rafique Sarker

Rangpur Zila School has become a part of history as well as heritage of the country.

A glitzy evening with AUST students

Tahmina Khan Tithi

The students of Level-1, Term-2 of the department of EEE of Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology (AUST) organized a grand evening on 6 January, 2008 to welcome the freshshers.

IBA Graduation Ceremony 2007
Citycell participated in the dinner-program of the fresh graduates

Citycell recently sponsored the 'Graduation Dinner' of IBA (Institute of Business Administration).

A Potential Vacation?

Zannatul Lamea

A spoonfull of procrastination, tweak of dilly-dallying and checklist of “Things to be done” getting longer and longer - well that's how my vacations always turn out to be.

BoM participants tough as teak

Mohammad Isam

Hard work always has its reward. For the seven finalists of Battle of Minds (BoM), it was sheer resilience and, in some cases, tremendous amount of determination that paid off during this one-of-a-kind business competition.

Syed Mujtaba Ali- the man with a head and two good feet!

Muhammad Eusha

Does the title surprise my readers? Indeed, how does having a head and two good feet make a man different from others?

Venn NDF 1st Rajshahi Divisional debate Workshop 2007
A razzmatazz of artistic speech

Feeda Hasan Shahed

Debating is considered a battle of the minds. A healthy competition that helps enriching the mental faculties like quick thinking, reasoning and presentation.

Visit to Sun Temple

Shatabdi Biswas

Situated at Konark city in the eastern part of Orissa in India, a glimpse of the Sun temple was what I longed for during my visit to India;

St. Martin's Island: An impending catastrophe ?
“The goal of life is living in agreement with nature.”
- Zeno (335 BC - 264 BC)

Md. Touhidul Imran Chowdhury

St. Martin's Island is a perfect epitome of how man's attraction to beauty can ruin it in the process.

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