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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 49 | December 30 , 2007|


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AIESEC IN AIUB Striding towards leading the future

Saiduzzaman Dip and Shama Islam

In this chaotic world today, the search for peace and unity has become like finding kryptonite. It is the youth of today that shall become the leaders of tomorrow; it is up to them to change the future, to rid the world of its devastation and despair and bind humanity together. In 1948, that was the very thought with which AIESEC was born, an international platform for young people to discover & develop their potentials to have a positive impact in the society. AIESEC was originally known by a French acronym as the "Association Internationale des Etudiants Science Economiques et Commerial", but as the years went on, AIESEC had outgrown its initial foundation of science and commerce. It was no longer restricted to the bounds of such issues, but had expanded into a lot more.

AIESEC, the world's largest student organization, at present has a network weaved into over 100 countries within 1,100 universities worldwide. Its membership base amounts to about 23,000 students, and offers around 5,000 leadership opportunities every year. AIESEC also runs an exchange program which provides an opportunity for around 4,000 students annually, to have the lifetime experience of an international internship.

AIESEC had reached Bangladesh by the year 1997, but American International University-Bangladesh [AIUB], currently the fourth was Local Committee [LC] was not a member till 2005. The 1st Executive Body (EB) in AIUB was formed at the beginning of the year 2006, who marched on at full speed to the 2 nd recruitment in 2006. By April 2007, AIESEC in AIUB had formed its 2nd EB, where a unique team of 6 took the reins into their own hands and tread on to complete what the 1st EB had set out for. With the 3 rd recruitment in June 2007, AIESEC in AIUB had formed its 3rd generation team, in hope that they will carry on the work with dignity, and head towards a brighter future, leading the rest with them.

The 2007 recruitment followed the "Teams' Day", where all the primary recruited exercised their potentials in terms of presentation skills, group communication, marketing proficiency, crisis management, time management, etc. The member selection was based on an evaluation of these aptitudes, and as a result of which a group of about 45 new recruits became the 3 rd generation of AIESECers in AIUB. The next event that followed the 3rd recruitment was the National Induction Conference [NIC'07] in June 2007. This was an introductory conference of 3 days, held in Elenga Resort, where all the new recruits from all four LCs were given their first taste of the AIESEC experience. From day-long sessions on vital issues like selling, professionalism, social welfare, etc. to practical training of dealing with corporate and diverse groups of people, the NIC'07 was like the first layer of the foundation that is to strengthen even more in the days to come.

The exchange program in AIESEC in AIUB has been quite successful ever since the first year of its establishment. In their very 1 st year, AIESEC in AIUB came up with 3 Exchanges; 1 from Incoming Exchange [ICX] and 2 from Outgoing Exchange [OGX]; in the year 2007, AIESEC in AIUB had their 3rd OGX exchange with Jeeshan Ferous Mirza, a Management Trainee [MT] who went to Srilanka for MTI consulting. The 2 nd ICX exchange, Yvonne Eshk, came all the way from Netherlands to live the AIESEC experience in Bangladesh for an 8week-long internship as an Educational Trainee [ET].

2007 has been a year full of opportunities and possibilities for AIESEC in AIUB, as their first ever own LC Sponsor was raised with S.S. Information Technology [SSIT], an IT based organization, who provided T-shirts promoting both SSIT and AIESEC in AIUB for the National Leadership Development Seminar [NLDS'07], which was held for 4 days in Manikganj. Even individual members from the LC made their marks in the seminar as Organizing Committee members of this important national conference, aiding in its success. The 3 rd generation of AIESECers in AIUB stepped forward to take up positions of responsibility both in the local and national level as Local Committee Task Force members, National Communication Crew members, members of M8, National OGX Support Team (NOS), etc.

On the 2nd of December, the Local Communication Task Force of AIESEC in AIUB made its own mark on yet another milestone by organizing their first ever "Meet The Leaders" Seminar [MTL'07], where people in leadership positions in terms of an organizational hierarchy share their experience of attaining success in life with the students so as to encourage, motivate, and guide them as the leaders of tomorrow. The chief speakers for the event were two renowned and reputed individual icons of our city, Mr. Yusuf Abdullah Harun, the former President of The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry [FBCCI] and current Vice President of the SAARC [South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation] Chamber and Capt. (Retd.) A.B. Tajul Islam, one of the most prominent directors of the fast-growing and well-established National Bank Limited [NBL], who enlightened the student body with their success stories and knowledgeable experience.

The event commenced with an inspiring opening speech from the honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna, followed by the Local Committee President of AIESEC in AIUB, Md. Nafees Ur Rahman. After the lucrative and enticing sessions taken by the guest speakers, the Member Committee Vice President for External Relations, Tariqul Islam Chowdhury, expressed his pride and gratitude to the AIESEC members, the speakers and audience for the entire event, which in his opinion was "a successful beginning that leads to the endless end of achievement". Mr. Masud Parvaj, the CEO of S.S. Information Technology [SSIT], an Australian IT based firm who was the content partner for the event, also took the floor to share his impression of working with AIESEC in AIUB with the next generation of leaders. All together, this term so far has been a vital stride towards leading the future for AIESEC in AIUB in the years to come. Nothing in this world is perfect, you have to make the changes yourself, so now, it's your turn to take up the initiatives, the responsibility to finish the job …to recreate the world! The term of '07-'08 has laid out the red carpet for the coming generations of AIESECers, several spot lights have already been set, the lime light is awaiting…are you coming?

(Special thanks to - All the members of the Local Communication Task Force [LCTF], the Organizing Committee [OC] for the "Meet The Leaders" Seminar [MTL'07], others who lend a helpful hand in the event, and everyone else who has helped bring AIESEC in AIUB this) far. "

(Vice President [Communications] and Event Manager [Local Communication Task Force] AIESEC in AIUB)

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