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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 48 | December 16 , 2007|


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Sad but True

Wasia Mehnaz Minna

I stared at the guy holding the microphone in front of me with utter shock and embarrassment.

Student's final output of 5 years effort
A snap on thesis of AUST architecture students

Deel Afsana

In our country architecture plays a significant role in urban development and its demand is increasing day by day.

Congratulations to our sisters

R A Khan

"When I was in medical college only 20% of the students were female.” Said Dr Nafiza.

Plundering the past

Dr Binoy Barman

Past is a treasure trove of events so it may fall victim to any historical felony.

Evolution deceit
Graduates dispel the workplace myth

Quazi Zulquarnain Islam

When Charles Darwin proposed the theory of evolution for human beings, it was not met with the best of responses. One of the first of evolutionary biologists, Drawin's theory of natural selection was met with immense criticism.

Language and Literature:
Separating Stone from the Sculpture

Anirban Neogi

Towards the end of the past decade an interesting debate emerged in the field of language teaching.

A Youth Initiative to Combat Adolescence Problems

Nazia Afrin

Adolescence a crucial stage of human life that marks the end of childhood and the start of adulthood.

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