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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 45 | November 25 , 2007|


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ULAB Film Club Presents
Short Film Festival

G. Sumdany Don

Can you imagine Yugoslavia during the 1999 NATO air raids while two brothers are making plans to go and play hide-and-seek in the forest? Have plans to find out if that special person in your life loves you or loves you not and how EVERYTHING can go wrong on the way? How an event full of fun and games could go haywire and end up one losing an eye? On the other hand, how about a music video where more then a hundred people played just one character? Or looking around how music could be made out of anything and everything in your house? All these and more where shown at the short film festival by the Film Club of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) in collaboration with Future Shorts, the world's largest short film network, on 17th November, 2007 at the ULAB auditorium.

The film show was followed by an awe-inspiring concert where talented ULABians and three other uprising bands performed to a house full audience. It consisted of English songs by U2 and John Denver to James Blunt and Maroon 5! Furthermore, Pritvi Raj Vaidya, a musician trained in North Indian Classical, drove the audience wild with the fusion of his magical voice and distinctive classical tunes. Even Elita Karim, the Raaga ace, coming only as an audience later put the stage on fire with her soul-touching voice, adding more thrill to the show.

The festival was anchored by the president of the Film Club G. Sumdany Don. The Director of the Media Studies and Journalism Department and the advisor of the club, Dr. Brian Shoesmith gave the opening speech emphasizing on the importance of carrying out such fruitful events completely organized by the students and the importance of films in our culture and society.

Among the films some unforgettable names would be…

She Loves Me She Loves Me Not
Dir: Jamie Rafn / UK/ 2003
A young man and his love story.

Dir: Nash Edgerton / Australia / 2007
It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
The Tube with a Hat
Dir: Radu Jude / Romania / 2006
Missing the tube with the hat, young Marian gets his dad up early to help fix the TV before the afternoon movie.

Dir: Santana Issar / India / 2006
A daughter's search to find meaning, if any, in her relationship with her alcoholic father.

Dir: Royston Tan / Singapore-Japan / 2005
In the winter landscape of Hokkaido, a guy in a monkey suit is searching for lost love. A meditation on life and art, love and longing, "Monkey Love" is lyrical, enigmatic, pensive, whimsical and spare - like a haiku.

Living in the Dark
Dir: Thomas Leung / Australia / 2005
A young man remembers a childhood with a blind father and his own temporary sunglasses.

Dir: Michaela Kezele / Serbia / 2007
Yugoslavia during the 1999 NATO air raids: two brothers are making plans to go and play hide-and-seek in the forest.

Copenhagen Cycles
Dir: Eric Dyer / USA / 2005
A cyclist travels through a fantastical, collaged reconstruction of Denmark's capital city.

G. Sumdany Don is from the MSJ Department of ULAB and is the president of the ULAB Film Club.

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