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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 44 | November 18, 2007|


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Star Campus - CUDS Discussion Meeting
'Say No To Drugs' goes to Chittagong

M A Samad Hemal

Shahidul Islam Bacchu, Bureau Chief, The Daily Star giving welcome speech
Star Campus, a weekly publication of the Daily Star and Chittagong University Debating Society (CUDS), organized a discussion meeting on 'Say No To Drugs' on 11, November and it happened to be the 11th birthday of CUDS! What a memorable way to celebrate CUDS' birthday!! The meeting was held at Shilpokala Academy in Chittagong. Amidst a good number of students, teachers and journalist the programme started at 4 o'clock in the evening in two sessions - discussion and question and answer respectively.

Eminent journalist and poet Mr. Abul Momen attended the meeting as the chief guest. The Keynote paper was presented by Dr. Md. Abdul Mottalib, head of the Psychiatry Department of Chittagong Medical College Hospital (CMCH), CUDS moderator and associate professor of Bangla department of CU Dr. Mahbubul Haque, presided over the programme while Mr. Shahidul Islam Bacchu, Bureau Chief of The Daily Star, Chittagong Office, Mr. Shahnoor Wahid, senior assistant editor of the Daily Star and editor of Star Campus, prominent social scientist professor Dr. Imam Ali, department of sociology of CU, Mrs. Safia Gazi Rahman, principal, Sunshine Grammar School, Mr. Alam Khorshed, director of Bishod Bangla, professor Dr. M A Taher, chairman of Management Studies of CU, assistant professor Mr. Fuad Hasan, department of marketing and Mr. Muniruzzaman Bhuiya, department of statistics of CU, advocate Saiful Abedin, CUDS president Tazul Islam spoke on the occasion. The session was conducted by M A Samad Hemal.

CUDS president in his welcome speech said that CUDS and Star Campus would work together to prevent spread of drugs in society. He also urged the students to stay away from any kind of drugs.

Mr. Shahidul Islam Bacchu, on behalf of the Daily Star, told the audience that it was media which could do a lot to ensure healthy and drug free society but mere media was not enough to protect the society from drug addiction. Government and individuals must come forward together to fight against it.

On behalf of Star Campus, Mr. Shahnoor Wahid said “Star Campus - CUDS have only one goal - drug and tobacco free campus”. He declared the programme a part of anti drug movement. He also urged the young students to raise their voice against the practice of taking drugs. Replying to a question of a student he said that students could play a vital role by telling their friends and juniors to raise awareness about the hazards of drug addiction. Keynote speaker talked about drug and its long association with human civilization, its side effects and finally he came up with some solutions as to how to avoid drugs.

He said that sometimes drug addiction may depends on gene i.e. if father or mother are drug addicted then children may have more chance of getting into drugs. He also pointed out different reasons behind drug addiction like social and economic crisis, lack of proper guidance by family members and friends.

He underscored the need for coordinated steps of government and different sections of the society to address the fatal habit.

The chief guest outlined that drugs are destroying our young generation, especially students. He also added that nowadays students from rich families are taking drugs as a symbol of smartness. He also said that we are teaching our young generation to say NO almost to everything but unfortunately we are failing to create the opportunity for them to say YES to positive things in life.

"The young generation, being detached from our traditions and culture, is taking harmful drugs like Yaba as the society cannot fulfill their demands and lack of cultural activities are contributing to such behaviour, " he said.

The chair gave vote of thanks and said that students should come forward and engage in creative activities, which will help them to stay away from drug addiction. Family members must be conscious about their offspring and should reach out to them more and talk about our own culture.

Happybirthday to CUDS!!
After the successful completion of discussion meeting, CUDS celebrated its 11th birthday with great enthusiasm and excitement. Some snacks, sweets and cakes were distributed among the guests. Finally everyone present there had some big smiles and took photographs with the honorable guests. Long live CUDS! Long live Star Campus!

(Student of MBA, Department of Management Studies,
University of Chittagong.


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