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Linking Young Minds Together
     Volume 2 Issue 43 | November 11 , 2007|


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Photo Feature on renovation of
Curzon Hall by Intakhar Ahmad

Prof. Monira Hossain

I would like to thank Intakhar Ahmad for his photo feature on renovation of Curzon Hall. I was a student of Physics department from 1967-73 and I was very proud to be a part of Curzon Hall.It belonged to me , to us and I still belong to it, it is part of my identity.

But the pictures taken by Intakahar gave me a lot of pain; what poor quality of renovation, where the originality can't be preserved. If the authority cannot preserve originality with the smallest details of architectural sense, it is better to let it perish.

So, I don't agree that “the renovation work is on “to restore the past glory.”

Dear architects concerned, please pay attention to what degree of deformity the renovation is bringing to our dear Curzon hall.

Adnaan Jamilee

I would not start by saying, “dream came true” or “it was my dream to be…” Simply said, I always wanted to move towards a bigger educational atmosphere, and as a result, my fate brought me to University of Dhaka, the only educational institute that doesn't require any advertisements. I am a student of BBA in Department of Finance, University of Dhaka.

It was spring when I first stepped in the classroom of Finance department at Business Studies Faculty. At that time, I was riding high with my new identity, “I study in one of the best departments of DU”. But later, I realize that surviving is much harder than winning. As the days went on, I continued to be amazed to see the tidy air-conditioned classrooms, spotless multimedia projectors, computer labs and spacious conference hall and started to count whether the students are missing any kind of facilities or not. Nothing seemed discordant here to me. And the most enjoyable experience of my DU life is the friendly attitude by the teachers. I am astonished to see how they make us work. Among them, Prof. Waquar Ahmad, Prof. Khairul Hossain and Prof. Nausheen Rahman fall into my favorite teacher's list.

I made lots of new friends like Shajed, Palak, Saemon, Naba, Mishu, Sakib, Avijith and still making new friends there everyday. Always we fan out in the DU hang-out zones and have lots of fun together like addas in Maul Chattar, playing table tennis in TSC, swimming in the pool and having foods together. To me, it's not just a part of life; it's a world of living.

During my stay of couple of years, I saw lots of events and activities going on around here. A number of job fairs, seminars, conferences, film festivals, social works and other cultural activities were organised and the students always ready to pitch in these events. All looks so bright and breezy during these eventful days.

Many would say that public universities lack some educational technologies compared with some of the growing private universities of the country. In public universities, you might not notice the advancements but surely smell the fragrance of perfection. DU has its heritage that others have not as yet. I am so proud that one day I will get the graduation certificate from DU.

(BBA-11th Batch, Dept. Of Finance,
University of Dhaka)


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